Rabid Reads

Rabid Reads was founded on September 30th, 2010 by Carmel and focuses mainly on showcasing all aspects of paranormal books. The blog originally started out as a one-woman-show but in 2012 two fellow readers, Sue and Josh, joined the team to help lighten the reviewing load and in order to be able to offer a more diversified content. In early 2013 the site was taken to the next level by becoming self-hosted and transferring from the limited Blogger platform to design-friendly WordPress. Then, in 2014, Jessica, Stacie, Lorna and Melanie joined the team to replace the associate reviewers who had to leave because of other commitments.

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Young Adult are the three main genres featured on Rabid Reads but Historical Romance, Fantasy and Erotica books also make the occasional appearances. Two out of our four reviewers have a strong penchant for stories that showcase werewolves and as a result, the blog has cemented itself as one of the leading paranormal fiction authorities on all things furry.

On top of the standard review posts, the site also helps promote paranormal authors through blog tours, book cover reveals, release day blitzes, discussions, advertising and yearly bloggy events such as Stomp vs. Romp and the Sultry Listeners Awards.

Rabid Reads is very active in the world of social media and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, Pinterest, Google+, Amazon, Riffle, Bloglovin’, BookLikes, Instagram, Audible, Networked Blogs and Librarything.