Josh was accepted into the pack in May of 2012. Josh PicAt that time, he had little if any ability to sniff out weres. Authors such as Annie Dillard, Gary Lutz, Clarice Lispector, and Gene Wolfe had entertained him. But undergoing the curse, he found a little more to sink his teeth into in authors such as Gail Carriger, Nancy Holzner, and Linda Robertson.

Poetry appeals to him when not seeing how far down the rabbit hole goes (as in to get at the rabbits, in a wolfish sense; and to carry the garish metaphor, the rabbits are literary tidbits, maybe sentences, even if they are typically darker). You may find him published, and interviewed once, at the following Internet locations: The Bakery , Housefire , Cha , C4 , elimae , , W&M’s The Gallery , The Curious State of Modern Poetry in a Globalizing Society: An Hourish Long Interview with Josh.

Someday soon he hopes to provide the world with a more extensive print publication, a book by chance of poetry or prose or proetry, or a more extensive online publication, an e-book by chance of poems or stories or stoems, possibly, just maybe with weres in it. You can reach him via e-mail and on GoodReads.

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