Bookfessional: Chicken or Egg?

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Movies and/or TV shows based on books are not at all uncommon. At least twice a year posts all the coming-soon-to-a-screen-near-you adaptations, and that list is so long that I’m bored halfway through it.

Do I personally watch movies, etc. based on books?

Movies, rarely. TV shows, not always, but significantly more than I watch the movies.


What about books based on movies and/tv shows?

Hmm . . . STAR WARS, obviously (as evidenced by my months-long binge last year).

Everything else, nope.

I’ve never felt compelled to read any of the multitudes of STAR TREK, BSG, STARGATE, SUPERNATURAL, BUFFY, etc. novelizations. And despite my newfound love of STAR WARS canon, I don’t really understand the urge. STAR WARS is STAR WARS. Everything else . . . is not STAR WARS.

One possible exception is the forthcoming FIREFLY novelizations, but again, FIREFLY is FIREFLY. *shrugs awkwardly*


The aforementioned book-to-screen/screen-to-book adaptations are familiar concepts.

The book I’m currently buddy reading in BB&B . . . Not so much.

Bookfessional: How ‘bout Both?

THE SHAPE OF WATER by Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus has the distinction of being neither of those concepts, but is instead:

Developed from the ground up as a bold two-tiered release—one story interpreted by two artists in the independent mediums of literature and film—THE SHAPE OF WATER weaves together fantasy, horror, and romance to create a tale that is equally gripping on the page and on the big screen.


Kinda cool, kinda freaky, am I right?

Is this a one-off or the start of a new trend? Does the fact that the movie won the Academy Award for best feature film increase the chances of film and publishing working in tandem again?

I. Don’t. Know.

I can’t even tell you if I have a preference at this point.


I can tell you that so far, the book is fantastic. And horrible. And lovely. And infuriating. And a half dozen other things besides.

What about you? Have you seen THE SHAPE OF WATER? Read the book? Planning on either? What do you think about this newfangled dual release of film and word?

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3 responses to “Bookfessional: Chicken or Egg?

  1. I tend to not read the book if I’ve watched the movie or tv show first. I’ve watched the Shape of Water, and it was good. I think I would have liked it in book form better though. I could be biased though. *shrug* I always seem to prefer books over the films.

  2. I was so confused when I first heard about this because I thought the movie was based on a book, but then the book wasn’t even out yet, and I had to look it up to understand. It is an interesting idea. I’ll be curious to see if this sort of thing starts being done more often. I’m not someone who generally watched movie or show adaptations though, so I guess it won’t actually affect me much lol. I want to read this book though!
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