SALE and Mini Bookfessional: When a Series Ends

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Contentment vs. the Void

I spent last week beta reading MAGIC TRIUMPHS. If you don’t know what that is, MAGIC BITES is still on sale for $2.99:

Get to one-clicking. That’s an order.

And NO, I can’t give you any details (lest my heart be carved out with a spoon), but I can say that I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this happy with the way a series ended. Maybe never.

Seriously, everything about it was perfect, including but not limited to the epicness of the Big Bad.


Now it’s officially over.



So despite finishing my second reading of KATE 10 on Saturday, I have been unable to muster the motivation to read something else. Which doesn’t work out too badly for you b/c . . .




YA – $0.99:


YA – $1.99:


YA – $2.99:


YA – $3.99:

YA BUNDLE – $4.99:

What about you? Are you biting your fingernails over the end of KATE DANIELS? What series did you want to NEVER end?

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10 responses to “SALE and Mini Bookfessional: When a Series Ends

  1. Oh gawd, why do you this to me? I already read that post on Ilona’s blog once. I even posted about it. Now I’m breaking all over again, and the book isn’t even out yet.


    I know that series have to end otherwise they risk being a relief when they finally do, and a disappointment too – yes, Sookie Stackhouse, I’m looking at you for both – but why Kate?

    No need to say that I’m quite the nervous/excited to have the book on my grabby hands. Even if it has to end. Specially because it’s the end.

    *wipes tears*
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  2. I feel your pain. I read Magic Bites for the first time in the past few months, and ended up binge-reading everything Ilona Andrews has ever written. I’m anticipating Magic Triumphs with a mixture of excitement and horror. I DON’T WANT IT TO END — but I’ve GOT to know how it turns out! Thank you for reassuring me that the series finale will at least be satisfying. Thanks also for the series suggestions with links. BTW I read the first book in the Nightside Series by Simon Green this year and totally LOVED it. Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles is another winner of a series. 🙂

    • I did the exact same thing after I read KATE for the first time. It only went to book 5 back then, and there were two books published in THE EDGE, but I loved all of it. I even read all the random short stories like SWINE AND ROSES and the KINSMEN stories.

      PS – please don’t take the sale links as individual endorsements. *edvard munch face* I post anything speculative that I know is on sale. Period. Whether I’ve read it or not. The only books in that batch that I can personally recommend are SONG OF THE CURRENT and DREAMSONGS. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :/

  3. Danielle

    I’m actually behind on Kate Daniels by a couple books (gasp!) but I had forgotten details, so I decided to wait for it to finish and reread from the beginning. I started the series when there were only 4 books, so a lot of time has passed. Need to enjoy the full epic-ness of Kate Daniels from start to finish. I’m excited to see the ending, and so sad that there won’t be any more. By far the best series out there.

    • Don’t forget to read MAGIC STARS. Generally speaking, I’m an advocate of reading all the novellas, especially in KATE, but my preferences aside, you need to read MAGIC STARS. Important things happen. Skip the Dali and Andrea stories if you have to, but don’t skip that one. #trustme