Celebratory SALE Post (b/c Amazon finally fixed their sorting options), Part 2

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You would not BELIEVE the number of hours I spent on this and Wednesday’s post (b/c OCD). Not only are there a crap ton of books on sale, but b/c first of the month, many of those books were in flux. SO. Here is an updated and expanded list of all the books that are worth mentioning and on sale. *runs victory lap*

Sale, sale, sale!



YA – $0.99:


YA – $1.99:

$2.51 – $2.74:


YA – $2.99:

$3.03 – $3.24


$3.50 – $3.82:


YA – $3.99:

Are these kinds of posts helpful to you guys or do you pretty much figure it out on your own? Seriously, I want to know. If it’s not, I’ll stick to posting about sales in my buddy reading group on Goodreads. #noharmnofoul

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6 responses to “Celebratory SALE Post (b/c Amazon finally fixed their sorting options), Part 2

  1. i do love these posts so thank you for taking the time to check and make it
    yu could add these there are in promo and i do recommend them PIRATESHIP DOWN (Suzanne Johnson) $1.99

    Feb. 1-8

    ILLUMINATION (Penton Book 5, Susannah Sandlin): $1.99

    Feb. 1-28 (Susannah Sandlin)

    REDEMPTION, ABSOLUTION, OMEGA, ALLEGIANCE (PENTON #1, #2, #3, #4)–Redemption $1.99; Absolution, Omega, Allegiance–99 cents each

    STORM FORCE (Penton #3.5)–99 cents

    LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP (Collectors #1)–99 cents

    DEADLY, CALM, AND COLD (Collectors #2)–99 cents
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  2. Michele A

    I love the post, but it doesn’t translate to my email. I have to come to the website to see the books on the list. But the list is AWESOME!!