Celebratory SALE Post (b/c Amazon finally fixed their sorting options)

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Rant first, then sale:

I’ve been here at Rabid Reads for four years (HOLY CRAP) now, but it was at least a couple of years prior to that when I started accumulated my myriad and extensive lists on Amazon. You see, I’d figured out that the easiest way to track when any of the multitude of books I coveted went on sale was to have them all on a wishlist. Then I could sort the list by price, lowest to highest, and BAM, sale books.

As time passed, the number and length of the wishlists grew, until I had a whole network of genre-sorted lists filled with any and all books a reader of speculative fiction could be interested in.

For real. I’ll be the first to admit it got a bit ridiculous. BUT. It was extremely useful, so who cares?

It was extremely useful, I should say. Right up until Amazon inexplicably removed the option of sorting lists by price. *head explodes*

I ranted. I raved. I stamped my foot. All to no avail.

Months went by without an explanation or a return of the function. Eventually, I have up. That was over a year ago.

BUT. A couple days ago, I discovered that my most beloved and sorely missed sort-by-price option had been revived. *throws confetti in the air* And I can’t think of a better boost to your Hump Day melancholy than to bombard you with cheap ebooks.

Enjoy the fruits of my labors. MUAH!

Sale, sale, sale!

YA – $1.99:


YA – $2.99:


YA – $3.99:

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