Bookfessional: I Break My Rules

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Awhile back I posted a list of rules that I use to determine whether or not I’m going to like a book/author. Things like “once you’re dead, you’re dead,” and “no abuse of time travel to ‘fix’ gratuitous problems.”

I developed the list to help whittle down the ever growing Mt. TBR, and generally speaking, it does its job well.

For example, if an author breaks my heart by killing off a beloved character only to have him or her miraculously survive/resurrect/etc., I’m less inclined to read that author again in the future. Or if an author I’ve previously read and liked tries on a new genre, trading magic and sword fights for space travel and hostile, bug-like aliens, I might give it a pass instead of stubbornly one-clicking, b/c auto-buy author.


Sometimes I ignore my rules.

KATE DANIELS is wrapping up this summer, and if the authorlords decide their next urban fantasy series is going to feature a heroine that can see dead people, I will read it.

Do I hate dead things?

Absolutely. But who cares? B/c Ilona Andrews, and my love for Ilona Andrews goes way beyond auto-buy status.

Fortunately, that kind of straight forward exception is fairly standard: yes, I typically avoid thething, but reasons, so I will read it.

However, that is not always the case.

Right now, I’m binge watching THE WALKING DEAD, which, if you know me, is ridiculous.

Of all the dead things I hate, I hate zombies the most, and I hate b/c science zombies significantly more than I hate bad juju zombies.

But not only am I watching THE WALKING DEAD anyway, I freaking love it. *shrugs awkwardly*

I will admit that knowing Jeffrey Dean Morgan will eventually show up with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille was a contributing factor to my decision to jump on this bandwagon:


But I did not expect to actually like it before Papa Winchester makes his appearance.

I more than like it. I’m a few episodes into season 5, View Spoiler » so I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m current, but I am 110% hooked.

Right now my favorite character is definitely Michonne, though Carol is a close second (but only since she had to do theawfulthing, b/c before that she become pretty unsympathetic). Least favorite character is Maggie, View Spoiler » Most painful incident is a toss up between View Spoiler »

SIDE NOTE: did you guys know that the actor who plays Rick Grimes is the to-me-you-are-perfect guy from LOVE ACTUALLY? B/c he totally is.


Basically this departure from the Rules has been wildly successful. #rulesaremadetobebroken

What about you? When have you successfully broken your rules?

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4 responses to “Bookfessional: I Break My Rules

  1. Haha.. I loved The Walking Dead too. I haven’t watched the recent episodes but from the very few episodes I watched, I remember I did love it.
    Anyway, Ilona Andrews has been on my TBR author list! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. OMG I’m so excited for the Kate Daniels book! I need to catch up on the Walking Dead. I think I missed last season. So many things to watch it gets overwhelming and you have to put up some rules to narrow it down!

  3. OMG! It is Rick! I love this show and I love how it has me contemplating my pantry each time I put up groceries and ALWAYS knowing exactly where the chainsaws and axes are. I mean it is so unconscious. I realize what I’m doing and laugh a bit but it’s still there in the back of my mind.