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THOR, y’all.

For the handful of people who need a better reason than that to see THOR: RAGNAROK, under normal circumstances, I’d say something like, it’s the best Marvel movie in years. But Marvel movies have been exceptional of late, so I’ll just say the newest installment of the THOR franchise continues the trend.

It. Is. Epic.

And I don’t even like Thor all that much. #teamloki

1. Yes, I am blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but I’ve never been attracted to people resembling myself. *shrugs* Also, I like ‘em leaner and less smashy (I repeat, #teamloki).

2. Thor + Jane = worst ship ever. View Spoiler »

3. But mostly it’s how smashy he is. I infinitely prefer Iron Man or Bruce Banner b/c thinkers, or even Captain America b/c unbreakable moral compass.

Thor is a frat boy dumb dumb.



1. Marvel finally takes advantage of the frat boy dumb dumbness with mockery.

THOR: RAGNAROK is frickin’ hilarious. The whole movie, not just the clips from the trailers, and most of that hilarity is at Thor’s expense.

Sparkle fingers, anyone? *giggle snorts*

But my personal favorite was Thor’s recounting of Loki trying to kill him when they were children. View Spoiler »

2. Cate Blanchett.

She’s so diabolical that I didn’t mind the fact that I’m 99% sure she’s a completely made up entity. If there is a goddess named Hela in the Norse pantheon, she’s not Odin’s firstborn, the goddess of death.

There’s a Hel, who’s the goddess of intelligence, but same and not-the-same, people. Same and not-the-same.

3. Oh, the cameos.

View Spoiler »

4. Hulk.

Okay, yeah, anytime Banner turns into Hulk, it’s scary. What’s he gonna break before he calms back down? Things? People?? And it was even scarier this time (b/c reasons).


It was also really, really funny. COME ON . . . We all knew View Spoiler »

5. They turned Ragnarok on its head.

This is my favorite part, incidentally. View Spoiler »

It was a shockingly insightful move. Hmm . . . maybe there’s more to Thor than I was giving him credit for.

Well done, Marvel. Well-freaking-done. *tips hat*

SO. If you haven’t already, go see it. It’s awesome. And when are you going to have another opportunity to see Karl Urban play a Bad Guy? That just doesn’t happen every day. Highly recommended.

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  1. Oh my, I need to see this now! I feel the same way about Thor so jokes at his expense = I’m so glad they got Loki back! I was a little worried with the World War Hulk storyline. I liked it in the comics but this is a Thor movie so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.
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