Bookfessional: Default Book Recommendations

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Bookfessional: Default Book Recs

First of all, lemme say that I do still read actual books, and I will be posting reviews again soon. The recent surplus of bookfessionals isn’t indicative of another book funk. I’ve been rereading 1000+ page Brandon Sanderson epic fantasies (that I’ve already reviewed) in preparation for all 1233 pages of OATHBRINGER.

So that’s a bit of a not-reviewable time suck.

In other news, I made a new friend yesterday. Someone local, not someone conveniently reading the same book I am on a website created specifically for book lovers.

I’m not knocking the ease with which book friends can now be made on the internet, but it makes you forget how rare bonding with someone over a shared love of books once was.


I can confirm that randomly stumbling over a new book friend at your salon (or wherever) is still freaking awesome.

We did the whole, “Oh, oh! Have you read this? It’s sooooooo good!” And the, “Oh! What about this?” thing long enough to start boring our observers (it was strangely dead, and we were the only entertainment), but it always boils down to this:

When you have to narrow all the books you’ve known and loved down to a non-threatening few, what books do you choose?

Obviously this will vary somewhat depending on what the aforementioned fangirling reveals about your new friend’s reading preferences, but there are always several that require no thought.

These are mine:

3. THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas.

My current and all-time favorite YA fantasy series. And yes, it can be both, b/c it’s unfinished.

A young female assassin with a flair for fashion and snark for days? What’s not to love?

2. UPROOTED by Naomi Novik.

A fleshed-out grown-up fairy tale. Utterly captivating. Maybe my favorite standalone in the history of ever. THE FOREST. *swoons* *flails*

1. Anything by Ilona Andrews.

B/c Ilona Andrews. If you don’t consider that to be a viable reason, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. In any case, before my hair was washed, New Friend was happily reading BURN FOR ME, so I stand by my assertion. #oneclickculture #enablingreaderseverywhere

What about you? What are your default book recommendations?

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4 responses to “Bookfessional: Default Book Recommendations

  1. I am still working on reading some books on my Kindle from my default authors. I do have a lot of Willow Rose’s books that are burning up my Kindle and I will probably binge read them over the upcoming holidays when blogging becomes difficult due to Mr Wonderful having so much time off. I will use them for Monday Mini and One Sentence Reviews because I was able to pick them up for free. She writes some GREAT stuff.
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  2. It honestly depends on which genre we are talking about to be honest. I have some authors that are my go to authors. But I think its so fantastic you made a friend in real life that loves books….it doesn’t happen to often anymore and its such a great experience.

  3. I will confess I try to push my favorite authors on anyone who is interested in books. In no particular order: Laura Bickle, Jeffe Kennedy, Ann Aguirre, Gini Koch. And if people confess to liking zombies I have a whole list of zombie books I try to get them to read as well.

  4. JO

    I am grateful for your reviews because they have always steered me right, although I generally avoid YA. If you ever feel like putting together a genre bucket list of the best of the best, that would be a useful resource. You could send new book friends to it!