Bookfessional: Blogger Perks (@jessicadhaluska, @pagehabit)

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Bookfessional: Blogger Perks

Last week I posted on Instagram and Facebook when I received a finished copy of OATHBRINGER by Brandon Sanderson from Tor, and suddenly old friends from real life that I hadn’t talked to in YEARS were commenting, sending PMs, etc. all wanting to know: how??

Blogger perks, my dears. Blogger perks. *orbit gum smile*

But the perks aren’t limited to getting early copies of the most sought after books (although that’s certainly reason enough for me).

We also get to interview the writers of those sought after books. Half the time, you don’t even have to ask. The publicists come to you wanting to know if you’re interested in a guest post or the aforementioned interview.

Sadly, I’ve been lax on that front, b/c formatting those kinds of things can be obnoxious, but I can jump back into the arena any time I choose.

And if you’re really lucky, the publicist from some bookish subscription crate or another will get your name, and they’ll send you one of their monthly boxes.

Like Page Habit.

Page Habit is different than the other subscription boxes I’ve tried, b/c they offer a level of diversity I haven’t encountered elsewhere. You can pick from numerous genres like: literary fiction, mystery, fantasy, YA fiction, romance, horror, historical fiction, and science fiction, all of which are available on a monthly basis, or you can opt for a quarterly version of the literary fiction or YA fiction boxes, or an additional cookbook option.

I chose the fantasy box—shocking, I know—and it was exactly what I look for in a subscription box: a book that I’m definitely interested in, but probably won’t purchase for myself, and a hodgepodge of other fun, but useful bookish stuff.



The Page Habit box went above and beyond the basic note-from-the-author included in every box I’ve ever tried. The book (MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE by Brad Abraham) was positively bristling with post-it annotations from the author himself.


How cool is that?

SO. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into subscription boxes or know someone who is.

What about you? What’s the best perk you’ve gotten b/c blogger?

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  1. I love the idea of subscription boxes, but I always feel like there is a bunch of unnecessary “stuff” that isn’t strictly useful. I think being able to customize the genre would mean higher chance of me liking it.

    P.S. A.M. Dellimonica is a woman