Bookfessional: Game of Thrones, Season 7

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Bookfessional: GoT, I love it.


But as much as I love it, I’m a bit torn about this (half?) season. First of all, WHY HALF?! We wait all year only to get a short season of an already short season. Not cool.

I probably would’ve reconciled myself to the incompleteness if it had ended with episode 6, but episode 7 . . . I don’t know. Stuff definitely happened, but it all felt weak.

Here’s my breakdown:

Episode 1:

I had to rewatch the beginning, b/c I hadn’t given it my full attention. Suddenly everyone was dead, and Arya is standing there saying something about the North remembering or Winter coming for the Frey’s, and I was like, wuh?

Not that the Freys didn’t deserve it—Red wedding, anyone?—but Arya has been transitioning from this little girl who wants to be allowed to sword fight with the boys into this creepy borderline sociopath. She’s so cold and dispassionate . . . It freaks me out.

In other news, Dany finally returned to Westeros, which was as epic as anticipated, so well done there.

Episode 2:

That massive dragon spear thingy, inspired the first creeping tendrils of dread of the season. #nope But then Sam saved Jorah, so between the joy of a healthy Jorah and the grossness of the treatment, I forgot all about the scary dragon spear.

Episode 3:

LOTS o’ “big deals” in this episode.

1. Jon and Davos travel to Dragonstone at Dany’s invitation. Sounds exciting, but it really wasn’t.

2. Cersei gets revenge for the death of Myrcella. It’s poetic and not undeserved, but I hate Cersei, so I’m pretty much against anything she’s for.

3. Bran returns to Winterfell, but as the Three-Eyed Raven, and in his own way is as disconcerting as Arya.

Episode 4:

Dany takes the advice of one of my favorite ladies on the show, Olenna Tyrell.

“Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”


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It’s about damn time. I like Jaime as much as anyone, but Cersei needs an effing wake up call, and the only thing that might potentially wake her up is the annihilation of her army.

Also, that dread about the giant dragon spear thingy returned with interest. It was harrowing. H A R R O W I N G.

Also, also, Arya returns to Winterfell. Her reunion with Sansa was surprisingly sweet.

Episode 5:

She’s definitely the Dragon, but methinks Dany may have gone too far. Not that I’ll miss Tarly, Sr. and Jr., mind you, but I’m with Tyrion on this one—death by dragon fire is only going to inspire fear, not respect or loyalty.

Meanwhile, back in Winterfell, Little Finger is doing his darnedest to turn sister against sister. Why? B/c Little Finger. *flares nostrils*

Episode 6:

I discovered after watching it that my screenshots told a compelling story without any additional commentary from me, so:














Episode 7:

So yeah . . . after all of that, this one was . . . MEH.

But I don’t think it had to be. There were three Big Deals. Huge deals. But as has often been the case this season, the way they were executed didn’t do them justice.

1. Little Finger finally got his. And who saw that coming, b/c I did not. I was waiting for Arya to slit Sansa’s throat in her sleep.

That’s not the way it went down. But even with the plot twist, it was too out of left field, and over too quickly. I mean, we’ve hated this dude for YEARS, and Arya ends his whimpering ass in about three seconds. Hmph.

2. “No one walks away from me.”

I thought Cersei was going to have the Mountain kill Jaime. I really did. So that was finale-worthy, but then Jaime just got on a horse and rode north while Cersei is become that which he hates . . . It leaves something to be desired.

3. Jon and Dany.

*sighs* I’m probably going to upset some people, but as much as I’m theoretically in love with the ideas of these two, on screen . . . I feel nuthin’. Not one thing. Certainly no chemistry. So even though they literally became a Song of Fire and Ice, I keep hoping Daario with show up.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this somehow simultaneously dramatic and anticlimactic season?

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13 responses to “Bookfessional: Game of Thrones, Season 7

  1. Danie

    I loved the scene where Littlefinger gets his, mostly because the actor played it so well. First the smarmy smirk, then the “o shit” look, the aggression, denial, fake crying, then the final realization and look of true fear right before Arya slits his throat. I may not love how they got there, but that scene was awesome.

  2. My biggest problem with this season has been how fast it’s going. They are skipping over WAY too much in terms of plot and character development. I was underwhelmed by Jon and Dany’s first meeting, I expected more, the battle for the Iron Throne was like a blip on the screen and then suddenly WHITE WALKERS! Oh no! And then there was the saddest thing of all: Viserion. Season 6 didn’t even give Dany the chance to grieve or process the loss of one of her children before they had her meeting with Cercei and the others. Big, fat no to me. Those dragons mean something big to her and they just skipped over that big detail with what amounted to a shrug and a “NEXT SCENE!”

    Littlefinger’s exit was so well done by Aidan Gillen but again, rushed.

    Next season is the last and I have a feeling they will screw it up epically with all the rushing. I want to see Jon and Arya reunite, I want to see Arya meet Daenerys because Arya admitted to admiring Visenya Targaryen and of course, I want to see how Sansa, Arya, Jon, and Daenerys react to that big ole origins reveal (Which was also poorly done in my opinion) that we got in the finale.

    I also want more dragons. They’re a big part of Daenerys and yet we never saw them as often as we should have. Instead of saving the budget for more dragons, we got a zombie polar bear that only had one purpose. Ugh.
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