Bookfessional: At Dragon Con

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Bookfessional: It’s Con Time!

I’d intended today’s post to be a GoT Season 7 recap, but I haven’t adequately sorted through my feelings yet, so I’ma milk this Dragon Con thing a little bit more, b/c Dragon Con. *RAWR*

Things don’t officially kick off until today, but bff and I found plenty to do when we arrived in Atlanta yesterday afternoon (we’re super lucky, Atlanta is less than two hours away from Chattanooga), checking in and unpacking at our hotel and getting registered—exciting, I know—but cosplayers were already out in numbers, and people watching is half the fun.

Also, we PLAN.

Top priorities:

1. The Great Hair, Beard, & Mustache Competition — Alternate History

B/c, duh, great hair, beards, and mustaches.

2. Dragon Olympics Triva — Main Programming

It’s like pub trivia! For geeks!

3. Art Show Signing with Patricia Briggs & Dan dos Santos — Art Show Programming

I shouldn’t have to explain this. BUT. Patricia Briggs. AND Dan dos Santos. T O G E T H E R. *squeeeeeeee*

4. Her Royal Majesty’s Boasting Contest — Alternate History

Alt. History has the best event titles. They just do. And who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of fabulously attired men and women try to out boast one another?

5. Delphic Oracle — Fantasy Literature

Story improv. With authors.

6. Darkfriend Hunt — Fantasy Literature

B/c I love WoT. And bff does too.


7. PowerPoint Karaoke — Main Programming

Four presenters will improvise on a topic previously unknown to them, based on slides that apparently make no sense. Sounds like a good time to me.

It really sucks when two fun times exist simultaneously.

8. Stalking Nate Fillion’s Instagram

Nathan Fillion will only be at Dragon Con today, but he likes to hide random things in random places when he visits, and if he does so in Atlanta, I. Will. Find. It.

Stay posted! I will provide a full account upon my return.

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