Bookfessional: Dragon Con 2017

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Bookfessional: Dragon Con, it’s a’ comin’.


Two weeks from today marks the beginning of my favorite time of year: Dragon Con. I’m particularly excited b/c I didn’t get to attend last year (b/c sister got married and all the hullabaloo that involved), so I didn’t get my annual fix.

You: What kind of fix? O.o

Me: So. Many. Kinds.

1. There’s the vendor hall fix, where you can find just about anything SFF (sci-fi/fantasy) related FOR SALE. Cosplay, books, games, useless knickknacky things that are oh-so-fun, all of it to the tune of varying degrees of bad live music (also fun b/c the bands are almost always in weird getups and very, very earnest).

2. The art show fix, where various artists and artisans sell and promote their wares, and where you might turn a corner only to find yourself confronted with the covers of many of your favorite urban fantasy book covers, b/c Dan-frickin’-dos Santos is in the house. *fangirls*

3. The OMG-so-many-of-my-favorite-authors-in-one-place fix. This year’s guest list includes: Partricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Myke Cole, Melissa F. Olson, Faith Hunter, Kim Harrison, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Chloe Neill, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I hope to add at least half a dozen signatures to my precious.

4. The celebrity sighting fix. I don’t attend the actor panels, b/c I don’t want to spend half of the con waiting in line, but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally stumble into one of the golden few. Like John Barrowman in the vendor hall at Dragon Con 2015. Literally. His teeth really are that perfect.

5. The wacky themed party fix. SFF geeks know how to party. Whether it’s the Avengers Ball, the Mechanical Masquerade, or the live production of Dr. Horrible, there are a multitude of events to chose from, every single night.

6. And last but not least, the Caribou Coffee fix. Caffeine is an important component of a con, and Atlanta has Caribou (my caffeine-fix-of-choice since I started drinking coffee).

I typically navigate the panels and events from several fan tracks (young adult literature, alternative history, fantasy literature, etc.), though I tend to favor urban fantasy. This year there’s a new high fantasy track, but I’m a little confused as to how it differs from the original fantasy track . . . I guess I’ll find out. *throws confetti in the air*

If you’re also going to be attending Dragon Con 2017, lemme know. Maybe I’ll see you. I. Am. Excite.

What about you? What’s your favorite convention? What makes it so fantastic?

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