Bookfessional: Palette Cleansers

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Bookfessional: Breaking the Funk

If you couldn’t already tell based on my surplus of Bookfessionals over the last couple of weeks, I’m battling my annual mid-year(ish) book funk.

Between my recent addiction to graphic novels, regular Netflixing, and the overwhelming ARC pile, recently, I’ve been uninterested in all things speculative fiction.

On the bright side, I’m at least reading again.

That’s the first sign the funk is nearing its end, so HOORAY for that.

Less awesome is what I’ve been reading . . .

The thing about palette cleansers is that in order to “cleanse the palette” it has to be different from your usual fare. And if it was all that great, it wouldn’t be relegated to cleanser status.

My standard palette cleansers are contemporary romance—not that I’m slamming all the romance lovers out there, its just not my preference. There are a few authors that I keep on standby, but I’m mostly caught up on them, so unless I’m feeling like a reread, I have to take my chances on the recommendations of others.

Usually this isn’t an issue (umm, hello, book reviewer), BUT . . . with romance, it’s a crapshoot. B/c like I said, not my thing, so harder to find something that works.

The other problem with reading straight-up romance is that even if it isn’t technically working for me, I might keep reading it b/c schadenfreude (a German psychology term that references our fascination with train wrecks).

For example, I just finished reading three books in a best-selling series that, if I’m being kind, were (for me) mediocre. The heroes and plots were standard, but in that first book there were moments of hilarity, so I stuck with it . . .

I shouldn’t have. They got progressively worse, the third book using “literally” as an adverb SIXTY-TWO times.



The good news is now I’ve got half a dozen books that I should be reading on the brain.

Mission accomplished. *orbit gum smile*

What about you? Do you palette cleanse? What breaks your funk?

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8 responses to “Bookfessional: Palette Cleansers

  1. I don’t usually get into a funk (please don’t hate me), but I think contemporary would be a good palette cleanser for me since I don’t read them anymore. There’s nothing wrong with them (in a general sense), but I read them for decades then discovered erotica. And paranormal. And paranormal erotica. And graphic novels. And finally monster porn. So…yeah, they got left behind in the dust. 😀

  2. I read such a variety of genres that I’m not sure what a good palette cleanser would be. I seem to go through phases, like right now I’ve read a handful of thrillers, so I might mix it up with some YA books that are waiting to be reviewed. But I’ll probably sneak in a other thriller before then.
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  3. Victoria (aka zEmfIrKa)  

    I feel like I’m in the middle of the funk/slump too! And all I’ve been craving is contemporary romance.

  4. I use palette cleansers. My most common one is a mystery book, one with little or no romance. Sometimes I will also use a genre change up. If I have been reading lots of UF or fantasy or sci-fi, I will read romance or mystery or non-fiction. And vice-versa. Sometimes, romance works as a cleanser but I am VERY picky about my romance reads. If the woman is TSTL, broke or a virgin, and the guy is a billionaire – UGH. I look for strong women in most all my reads, and strong men and smart people. lol Anne
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  5. Jackie P

    I do the same thing except for me it’s historical romance novels… Truly they are my literary dirty little secret… I actually like them on a take them for what they are level. I prefer Regency era, it takes zero brain power and they are so far removed from reality that I can ignore most defects in the writing lol. Sometimes though you just need to Netflix for awhile. I go in phases, I’m either reading every night or binging Netflix every night.

  6. I know what you mean. Sometimes a book is just accidentally relegated to palette cleanser if it’s after a mind blowing book. I hate it when an author uses a phrase too often. I recently read a book where it seemed everyone was dead panning.

    Glad to hear you’re on your way out of the slump. Slumps are the worse!
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