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Bookfessional: ARCs . . . You might call me one-click happy . . .

I’ve done it again . . . I’ve been seduced by all the pretties and shinies that appear on NetGalley without ceasing.

Now I’m staring at an overwhelming number of books to read in a limited period of time, some of which I can’t for the life of me fathom why I requested in the first place . . .


*shakes head at self*

In my defense, in addition to the horde of recently requested ARCs, I’ve been approved for half a dozen books I requested months ago. I love it when publishers do that. *flares nostrils*


Clearly, this isn’t the first time I’ve found myself in this situation, and along the way I’ve come up with a few ways to mitigate the damage:

1. Claim a preference to eARCs in .mobi format.

It’s not even a lie.

I’ve got a couple of different apps that I can read the nonstandard document forms with, I just don’t like to. B/c reasons. I’ll do it if I want the book badly enough, but that’s happened . . . maybe two or three times in as many years.

In this batch of overindulgence, that tactic will knock four books out of the lineup. #themsthebreaks

2. Farm them out to other reviewers on your blog.

Obviously, this isn’t an option for any of the one-person shows out there, but if you are one of several, this may help you trim a couple more from the ARC pile of DOOM.

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask for the favor—HOORAY for Goodreads shelves.

3. Make a plan.

The second biggest hurdle is figuring out when to post what review.

Even when I exercise more restraint with my requests, I’ll periodically discover that three or four (or more o.O) books have the same release date.

I never think to check release dates.


But the aftermath can be easily navigated IF you make a plan. If you let the releases sneak up on you, you’re screwed. Sorry, but there’s no help for it.

SO. I repeat, make a plan.

On that happy note, check out the prettiest and shiniest of my recent acquisitions:

What about you? What do you do when your ARC pile gets impossibly high? And all of you non-bloggers, do you find yourself in similar situations with your purchased books? Do many get lost in your ever-growing TBR?

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9 responses to “Bookfessional: All the ARCs

  1. I started adding the books that I know I want to read in the upcoming months to my TBR list in order to keep down the number of extra books I take. Of course, there are always those weeks you don’t get to read very much which throws off the whole list anyway. There is simply never enough time for all of them.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve received an ARC. I had been accepting all the books a couple of authors and blog owners had wanted to send me but some of the books weren’t really my style so now I’m much more picky. I usually just read books that I purchase myself or find free on Amazon. I just ordered 5 books with my Mother’s Day gift card so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy what I got. I don’t usually let them pile up.
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  3. Kathy Martin

    I do find myself asking for, and getting, a lot of ARCs. I’ve added 10 to my stack this week. My survival tools are Google sheets and Google calendar. I keep a Google sheet listing books by publication date. I have a Google calendar that I add the book to when I get it. I choose what to read next based on what is on my calendar.

    I still often end up with multiple books releasing the same day. What’s so magical about Tuesdays that make them book release days? It sometimes makes posting the review near the release date a struggle since I don’t post more than 1 time a day and take part in a few memes too.

    What is suffering the most is my TBR pile. Just because I get ARCs doesn’t mean that I stop buying books that interest me.

  4. Good luck in your reading. I’ve been good this year and haven’t been browsing NG. I only look when I get an email from an author or publisher saying you can request so and so and then only if it’s a book I really have been wanting to read. NG is so shiny and I learned from last year I could go over board, so this year I’ve avoid the site and only visited on those rare occasions.
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  5. I have a lonnnggg list at NG. I’m so far behind, but I’m trying to get to the books with the closest release dates first, then I’ll sneak in one I let get too far behind. My own personal TBR is suffering though. I don’t think I’ve read any of the books I’ve bought myself in months. I’m panicking because I’m getting behind in some of my favorite series. I have to slow that stupid one click finger!