Netflix Review: Iron Fist

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I think I’ve been fairly upfront about my love of Marvel on Netflix. I’m a big fan of DC too . . . Hell, I just love superheroes.


I have to admit, when I was settling in for my IRON FIST binge, I asked myself, “How many rich boys can go missing/presumed dead, only to resurface years later as super secret badasses, before it gets tiresome?”

At least one more, as it turns out.

It helps that this one—Danny Rand—wasn’t actually on our plane of existence during his mysterious absence. That’s what I took away from the scenario, anyway. And as boring as I’d normally find monks, these ones apparently have a DRAGON, so yeah, not boring.

But more and more, what I’m really appreciating about these Netflix adaptations, is the complexity of the characters.

The very first note I made: Ward is a douche.

A few episodes later, and my heart’s breaking for the guy.

A few episodes even further, and I’m back to loathing.

In the end, I was a healthy mix of both feelings.

B/c these aren’t cookie-cutter good guys and bad guys. Even Bad Guy is too evil to qualify as a stock character. They’re PEOPLE. Evolving people with evolving relationships and evolving worldviews, and I LOVE it.


As much as the characters refuse to be put into a box, several plot threads do an excellent job of illustrating that certain circumstances are NEVER a good thing.

Repeatedly coming back from the dead, for example.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a ring handed down, father-to-son, or some (seemingly) bottomless pit in an assassin hideaway, if something is tethering your spirit to this place when you should’ve long since passed, it is NOT a good thing.

My only complaint is regarding some reticence in ending a life that needed to be ended in favor of handing him over to police, but fortunately the job got done anyway. #killthemall

And on a random note, Iron Fist guy is Loras Tyrell from GoT. Who knew? Maybe you did, but I missed that memo until he was right in front of me. PS – he makes a much better superhero than he did the Knight of Flowers, IMO.

As far as things like kid-friendliness are concerned, there wasn’t any nudity in this one, but the violence . . . At one point a hammer was used to remove the teeth from a couple of dead bodies. That’s what I think was happening, anyway, I refused to look too closely.

Violence aside, IRON FIST is another clear winner that I highly recommend to other fans of all things superhero.

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4 responses to “Netflix Review: Iron Fist

  1. I just started Iron Fist, (and by just started I mean about halfway.) I was afraid I wouldn’t like this one, because they’ve all gone downhill for me and Luke Cage was boring. But I’m enjoying Iron Fist, even if they didn’t make him Asian. The lead does an excellent job.

    I agree the characters are what makes these shows! I hope we get more Colleen Wing! Also, yay for not playing the stupid moral good guy! Some times a bad guy just has to die.
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