Bookfessional: Cloudy Days and Comfort Reads

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Bookfessional: Cloudy Days and Comfort Reads

We’re not getting bombarded with snow down here in Tennessee like those of you further north, but the last several days have been pretty grim, and the nasty overcast skies have made me want to curl up with a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and read something that I know will break through the clouds and defeat the BLAH. And if I’ve got an enormous orange FLOOF of a cat sleeping pressed against my side, all the better.

Which is exactly what I’ve doing. *whispers* I’m not great at impulse control.

PLUS Goodreads finally rolled out their Top Secret project I was forbidden to speak of after leaving their office last October: REREADING. *throws confetti in the air*

You might say a reread of Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT was inevitable.


B/c I love it. LOVE it. L O V E it. #sorrynotsorry.


B/c it makes me FEEL something and has a happy ending.

Is it Shakespeare? No. Hell, it’s not even HARRY POTTER or THE HUNGER GAMES as the most frequent comparisons so often point out, but it doesn’t need to be, and in the dreary weather I’m currently languishing under, I don’t want it to be.

Re(rererere)reading once again, I’m paying attention to all the anti-feminist ideals the series allegedly propagates, and I’ll admit, in a certain light, I can understand the outrage.


1. It’s friggin’ YA urban fantasy. It’s pure empty-headed entertainment, so IM-humble-O expecting it to be more than that is kind of silly.

2. While I’ve never had a codependent relationship with an eternally teenaged vampire, I have been incapacitated in the aftermath of a bad breakup, so I’m not personally offended by the way Bella’s world revolves around a boy. Especially b/c Edward’s world also revolves around her.

And when everything is BLAH, it takes something dramatic to pull me out of the funk.

TWILIGHT does this exceedingly well.

I feel Bella’s bewilderment at the surplus of attention being the new girl in a small town grants her, I feel her paranoia that she’s responsible for Edward’s prolonged absence after his bizarre initial reaction to her presence at his lab table. I feel her belief that Edward is woefully out of her league, and her determination to ride out his fascination while it lasts.

In NEW MOON I feel her despair in his absence, LAWD, how I feel it.

And say what you want about about Meyer, but that takes talent.

I’m only halfway through the series, but the sky already seems a little brighter.

What about you? What are your comfort reads? Under what circumstances do you fall back on them?

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12 responses to “Bookfessional: Cloudy Days and Comfort Reads

  1. I really don’t care to reread much, I have too many new books to read. The only books I have reread are Jane Austen’s books. I think the only way I would reread any other books is if I listened to them since that puts a totally different spin on things. Hey, someone has to like Twilight…lol…I won’t hold it against you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When it’s gloomy here I just like to read but I do find that I love a good cozy mystery on a blah day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m with you about Twilight. I’ve actually been itching to do a re-re-re-re (?) read of it myself. I also love rereading Harry Potter. And I read Pride and Prejudice every year. So thrilled that they finally launched a reread feature, as soon as I saw that I was through the roof thinking of the possibilities ๐Ÿ™‚
    Berls recently posted…Sometimes Foreplay is the best part. #review

  3. I don’t reread a whole lot. I used to to make sure I was up on a series when the newest book came out. If I want something I know will be comforting, I will go back to a series I know has always made me laugh or happy and read the current one. Because, unfortunately, I’m never caught up. I’m going to have to go hit up GR and see what this change is.
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  4. Joanita

    LOL, re-reading favorites books are the best. And Nalini Singh is usually my go-to fix for book slumps or any RL unhappiness. Twilight is another winner too, I freaking love that series and now you’ve made me want to re-read it again ;-D And the new re-reading function on GR – I love it!!!!

  5. Living in Canada doesn’t afford us too many snow days, unfortunately. It’s almost expected that we keep on living even though the sky is literally falling. Lol.

    Wish I have time to re-read favourites but once in a while, I go back to Melina Marchetta’s books because she’s fab. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend!
    Joy // Joyousreads recently posted…[698]: When We Rise by Cleve Jones

  6. I love Twilight. I know everyone seems to be dumping on it lately, but I’m still a rabid fan. It’s what got me into reading and blogging in the first place, so it will always be special to me. Plus, like you said, it’s empty-headed entertainment with a happy ending. Most of the time, I don’t need deep, I just need fun!

    • Dani

      Twilight is my guilty pleasure. And, like you, it got me into reading (again). I had tapered off while in school, because I couldn’t let myself read or I’d never get any school work done. But I read Twilight, and my love of Paranormal took off, and I’ve been reading 3-4 books a week ever since. But I rarely re-read because my TBR pile is just too big. There’s a few series I’d like to go back to when they’re complete.

  7. It’s always bothered me how so many people did a 360 degrees about the Twilight series. Half the people who were huge fans turned their backs on it and started making fun of the series.
    I love it, even though I think Bella needed to learn how to be more independent. It’s one of the few YA series I would actually re-read.
    I didn’t know you were in TN like us. Today wasn’t too bad. It was just the breeze that was chilly.
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  8. Sam

    Gah, I have actually been wanting to re-read the Twilight series for some time now. I feel like I wasn’t as experienced of a reader when I read it years ago and I loved it back then. I’m curious to see if I would still love it now that I read so much. I didn’t notice back then, for example, that the writing was immature. I was an immature reader, so I didn’t have much to compare it to.

    What is this re-reading project with Goodreads all about? Clearly out of the loop here!
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