Bookfessional: Book Boyfriend Archetypes – Batman vs. Superman

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I just finished an epic Hulu binge of Smallville, and rather than trying to review TEN seasons of (mediocre #sorrynotsorry) TV, I’ve decided to attack the massive time-suck-that-was by addressing a revelation I had about halfway through it: Smallville is Dullsville.

In hindsight it seems obvious, but ever since some nameless, faceless sociology professor gave a lecture on the I-knew-it-all-along syndrome, I’ve been given free rein to indulge these kinds of self-discoveries.

*twirls mustache*

Basically, after pre-Superman had saved the day yet again, had yet another heart-to-heart with his dad-the-hardworking-farmer, was once more dejected in the aftermath of being slipped some red kryptonite (etc.), I thought to myself, YE GODS, how did Superman become so popular? B/c I. Am. SO. Bored.

Then I started inspecting the inexplicable fascination with Batman that I’ve been nurturing since I was child.

Inexplicable b/c I wasn’t cool enough to read comic books and the early Batman movies were pretty dumb.


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t perk up at the mention of . . .

~ Batman ~


1. Not only is Bruce Wayne an orphan, but he actually witnessed the death of his parents (if I see one more variation of that pearl necklace being pulled from his mother’s throat, I might roll my eyes completely out of my head).

2. (Other) Early childhood trauma(s) left him with perfect nightmare and/or brooding fodder. I mean, come one . . . deep, dank hole . . . BATS . . . *shudders*

3. Poor Little Rich Boy.

4. His decision to cleanup the streets of Gotham is personal and can sometimes walk a fine line with a vendetta.

5. Bat CAVE would make a better lair for a villain, which only adds to the mystery.

6. Everyday disguise is billionaire playboy.

~ Superman ~


1. Has not one, but two sets of loving parents.

2. Had an idyllic childhood being taught the value of hard work, honesty, fairness, blah blah, with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility, something, B-O-R-E-D.

3. Lower middle class, meh.

4. His decision to help others is as squeaky clean and selfless as everything else about him.

5. Fortress of Solitude is actually pretty cool, so he’s got that going for him.

6. Everyday disguise is a pair of glasses. *is incredulous*


SO. While there are people who are drawn to the corn-fed good ol’ boys, I don’t get it. Not even a little bit. If that makes me typical, so be it. There are plenty of topics in which I can firmly categorize my views as being firmly black-and-white, but when it comes to individuals, I prefer a little grey.

What about you? Do you like your heroes a little dark and complicated? Or do you love the Clark Kents of the world?

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9 responses to “Bookfessional: Book Boyfriend Archetypes – Batman vs. Superman

  1. I think I am sort of in between. 🙂 I like them nice but a little dark and mysterious…lol. As far as Batman or Superman, I am a Batman fan. (Never could understand how glasses could keep Superman’s identity a secret, it drives me crazy…lol. I have loved batman since those first corny movies (loved Michael Keaton as batman), but I also loved watching the reruns of the old TV show. Never watched Smallsville, but use to enjoy the Lois and Clark TV show with Dean Cain as Superman. 🙂
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  2. I used to be in the eyeroll camp about the glasses too y’all. Until I forgot mine at home and went to work where the office staff mistook me for a substitute teacher because they didn’t recognize me without them. lol

    I definitely lean more toward the Batman archetype as well. Superman’s the kind of guy you want as the friend who’ll help you move or tell you to do the right thing when you really don’t want to but that would get dull or frustrating. Funny you mentioned the Jesus bit Marianne because I always saw the parallel there and thought that might be some of why I couldn’t dig him.
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  3. Superman is too powerful. It is unrelatable. Kryptonite had to be invented to give him a weakness.
    Batman has no superpowers, beyond his own sense of justice. Batman triumphs through his own strength and ingenuity.
    Batman is the man.

  4. I love this post so much! I think I am a Batman lover too… although I have fallen for a Superman a time or two as well