Review: The Gift by Dannika Dark (@Mollykatie112, @DannikaDark)

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Review: The Gift by Dannika Dark (@Mollykatie112, @DannikaDark)
The Gift by Dannika Dark
Series: Mageri #6
Published by Indie
Published on: December 4, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 154
Format: eBook
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Despite a powerful snowstorm that has shut down the city, Silver and the Mageri crew are preparing to spend a peaceful holiday at home, surrounded by family, food, and merriment. But the party comes to an abrupt end when Logan receives an unexpected call, one that forces him to make a life-changing decision that could affect his relationship with Silver forever. Can they find the courage to weather the storm?

Lives are at risk in this compelling and heartwarming story about the remarkable journey of love.

THE MAGERI SERIES is an exciting urban fantasy romance about a young woman's claim to immortality. Passionate, humorous, dark, and full of unpredictable twists, the Mageri series will take you on an unforgettable journey of love, friendship, and the hidden power within us all. Cliffhanger-free.

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The Mageri Series by this author is probably my all time favorite urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Even now that the series is over, I still find time to occasionally re-read or listen to them again. I was excited to find out that the author was giving us one more novella set in her Mageri world, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Before reading more of this review, if you have plans to read this series or are in the process of reading it, there are major spoilers ahead concerning major plot points.

It’s Christmas Eve and Silver is going to be hosting her first Christmas dinner. Since she doesn’t cook that much, this is major for her. And besides it will keep her mind off the fact that yet again, they had lost a child to other buyers on the black market. As a Mage, Silver can’t have children, and her mate Logan, a chitah, yearns for a child, as does Silver. Silver throws herself into the task of cooking for all the many beloved characters in their part of the Breed world, including all of Logan’s chitah brothers-men that can eat everyone under the table.

What I truly loved about this book was catching up with all my favorite characters. In addition to Logan and Silver, bad boy Mage, Simon has come to Silver’s and Logan’s home for the holiday. There’s a winter storm raging, and his new girlfriend Ella, has not come to share in the festivities. However, when Simon and Justus go looking for a Christmas tree and ornaments, it made for a laugh out loud look at the two Mages as they cluelessly traversed the world of Christmas shopping. Adam is back and seems to be a bit obsessed by Sadie, Logan’s human sister. Of course, Justus’s mate, Page, and their daughter, Rose are featured. Silver’s best friend, Sunny, and her children come with Novis for the holiday as well. And I can’t forget Finn, a true wolf shifter. Anytime I can spend time with the shy young shifter is a good time. The winter storm isn’t ending so these people are there for the duration. When things happen to cause some of them to leave, the story takes a complete different turn.

The author cautions anyone wanting to start reading her series with this one. You will be lost. This series goes in order and tells a very unique story, one with a wonderful romance, and action and suspense equally. The world building is flawless with each kind of paranormal creature fleshed out amazingly.These aren’t your normal mage’s, shifters, vampires, etc. Logan may be a chitah, but he doesn’t turn into one, instead he embodies one in his mannerisms, some of his features, and his extremely over achieving senses-smell, sight, and even his ability to run faster than is definitely humanly possible.

As always, Dark tells a story that kept me reading the whole thing in one sitting. Of course, it is a novella, but still. The title might refer to a gift in the story, but I truly feel like she was giving all her Mageri fans a gift, one that I will re-read often, as I do all of them.

This series is one that I always highly recommend. Amazing story, writing, and a perfect ending for this wonderful series.

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    • Oh I wish she would give us Finn’s story in particular. I think she could even incorporate him into her Cole pack although maybe not since he’s an alpha. Glad you enjoyed it too. I didn’t realize you had finished the series. Isn’t it great? Logan!

    • I recommend this to everybody! It’s so very good. It’s one of those that gets better with each book and you fall in love with all of the characters. I finished listening to one of them today. I love revisiting it 🙂

  1. I haven’t been able to get to The Gift yet, Lorna, but like you, The Mageri is one of my favorite PNR series, I just love the characters, and the whole universe they evolve in. Dark has done very well in getting me completely hooked on the characters, and her stories always keep me captivated. I’m really happy you enjoyed this instalment!
    I hope you’re having a nice holiday xoxo
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