Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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So I should’ve gone to see FBaWtFT back at Thanksgiving, when it first came out, but I didn’t. B/c three different Thanksgivings in three days . . . Ish. Whatever, there was no time for movie-going. And I didn’t go see it immediately afterwards, b/c recovering from all the Thanksgivings.


My birthday was on Sunday, and hubs has to do what I want to do on my birthday (even though he typically hates the “Fantasy” in SFF), so I finally went to see it, and . . .


Before anything else, I want to point out the PG-13 rating. B/c that’s legit. There are some tough topics handled in this not-as-kid-friendly-as-you-might-expect movie.

Topics like child abuse and bigotry.

So don’t get caught up in the footage of the niffler hunting for SHINYS and forget about the dark underbelly.

But it’s not (even close to) all dark underbelly.

Meet Newt Scamander, British not-Wizard (b/c expelled from Hogwarts for accidentally endangering the student population) and lover of magical creatures.

He is lately come to New York . . . b/c reasons.

Unfortunately, soon after disembarking his ship, he accidentally switches briefcases with a muggle.

Havoc ensues.

In his attempts to put things back to rights, Newt ensnares a muggle (which is a big no-no, b/c in the grand ol’ US-of-A, muggles and wizards/witches do not interact . . . at all . . . o.O) and two sisters, and together the four of them get into even more trouble before saving a significant portion of New York.

I say “significant portion,” b/c not everyone is saved, another reason FBaWtFT is PG-13.

The plot was engaging, the creatures as fantastic as advertised, and the cast was phenomenonal.

Recommendation: go see it, go see it NOW. Then go see it again.

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8 responses to “Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  1. I really enjoyed it! I loved that it had important bits of seriousness in the movie, but also loved all the creatures we read about but never saw in the HP movies! And Newt reminded me so much of Hagrid in both love for creatures as well as awkwardness and shyness and adorableness!
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