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Bookfessional: My Bookish Wishlist

Next week my fellow Americans and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving . . . and by “celebrating,” I mean eating triple our bodyweight in butter and PIE.

*throws confetti in the air* *shakes significantly larger booty* *does not care*

After that . . . well, after that the frenzy that is the month before Christmas begins.

If you’re anything like me, you’re bracing for the inevitable onslaught of:

“What do you want for Christmas? I never know what to get for you. You’re so hard to shop for, come on, give me a suggestion or twelve.”

Umm . . . No, I’m not. You just refuse to get me what I want, b/c:

“You already have so many books! You certainly don’t need more—I want to get you something different!”

*is simultaneously filled with RAGE and despair*



Or maybe your life is more balanced, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, b/c you also like to do things like . . . whatever people who don’t love books to distraction do in their spare time . . . I’m sure there are lots of possibilities . . . o.O

Whatever. I have a plan and this post is the plan. Not only do I get to geek-out and hopefully spread some of the bookish love, but when people start asking, I’ll send them a link.

And no, I’m not worried about inadvertently offending someone—I know my family. They won’t actually read the post, they’ll just look at the pictures and follow the oh-so-helpful-links. #winning

Right. So first up we have all the awesomeness that has sprung fully formed from the forehead of the global-yet-still-small-and-local commerce platforms like ETSY.

Fangirls don’t have to draw on t-shirts with permanent markers anymore, b/c chances are there is a fangirl of your distinct flavor plugging the best quotes from the best books into her pretty self-made graphics and mass-producing it on Society6 or RedBubble.

It’s like . . . the best thing EVER. You can get t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, blankets, coffee mugs, SHOWER CURTAINS, all emblazoned with the words, with the line or two of text, that shattered you as you read it:


Or the line that made you sit up and shout, YAS:


Both of those are Evie from Bookish Lifestyle‘s designs, btw. And YES, that blanket is as soft and comfy as it looks.

I’m also rather fond of Cait from Paper Fury‘s work:


Get it? *snickers*

Then there’s Maggie-friggin’-Stiefvater, who creates beautiful things that go along with her beautiful stories . . . Not that I have any of it, but look her up, b/c AMAZING.

I have to prioritize, and once I saw this, it was over:



Then there’s ETSY itself . . . WHUH.

I stumbled across these beauties whilst scrolling through the time suck that masquerades as helpfulness . . . “suggestions,” HA.

Not that I’m complaining, b/c LOOKIT what I found at Cartaban Cards:


They’re not limited to Shades of Magic. There are HUNDREDS of covers to choose from, classics as well as what’s currently popular.

And I want ALL of them.

What I love about ETSY is that the possibilities are truly endless.

I’ve already had one tank custom-made after searching out a shop that offered a wider variety of options than the many others—color choices for both the shirt and the font, as well as font choices:


I put my order in with Gigraffe Design Studio, and I think I had it in hand not much more than a week later, if that, AND I changed my mind about the font I wanted to use (after seeing the mock-up, b/c, yes, they do that).

I got the dragon separately from Wings-N-Things Boutique, and ironed it on myself (which is the extent of my craftiness).

You can even get custom funkos, like my KAZ BREKKER, from Six of Crows:


B/c Mason at Mason’s Custom Funkos is awesome.

Aaannnddd here’s some more stuff that I don’t already have and really, really want:


It’s a personal book embosser, and I LOVE it. This one is from BlumbergExcelsior, Inc., and there are several options for the book seal. I want the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.

Also, rare as it is to ever get books, I will buy this one and gift it to myself if someone else doesn’t:


Same goes for this sweatshirt from Out of Print:


I don’t need this, but I want it, and I’m sure I could come up with a use for it . . . Hang it from my rearview mirror? Put the locket thingy on my keychain?


And just for fun, why not add Trivial Pursuit for Book Lovers:


A good time would be had by ALL.

And I’m done, even though this was part wishlist, part show-and-tell. I’m okay with it if you are. 😉

What about you? What’s on your bookish wishlist? Did I give you any ideas? Do you have ideas for me??

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  1. Genius! These days I spend all my money on books and lularoe. Neither of which my people will buy me. They never ask though either. I’ve gotten some really great gifts over the years, but sometimes it would be nice if they would ask and I could answer – with something brilliant like this. I could make a post of great gifts for book lovers and share it with my people… Maybe they’d take the hint? Lol! Happy Holidays! May you get books for Xmas 🙂
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