Bookfessional: Weird Stuff Our Friends Talk Us Into Reading

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Bookfessional: Weird Stuff Our Friends Talk Us Into Reading

I’m not a judgmental person, especially when it comes to reading preferences . . . Unless someone makes a point of reading nothing but classics and/or literary fiction with the intent of looking down their long noses at the rest of us, in which case I judge the hell out of them. #booksnobssuck

But generally speaking, no judgement.

Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh when I see one of my Goodreads friends reading monster porn, but that’s mostly about the individual status updates, not their choice of reading material—to each their own and all that.

And b/c of this mindset, I sometimes find myself curious about things I:

1. Didn’t know existed.

2. Had ZERO prior interest in.

Exhibit A: ICE PLANET BARBARIANS. *giggle snorts*

The argument in favor of this one was basically that I love aliens and I sometimes (given enough action and discernible plot) enjoy PNR-type stuff, so why not?

I mean, I REALLY love aliens. Add to that my friend who is obsessed with the series, then said series going on sale for like a dollar a book on Amazon, and I admit it, I one-clicked.

Then it sat in my kindle cloud for I don’t even know how long, until a couple of weeks ago when I got a wild hair and got around to reading it.

Was it everything I hoped for?

Unfortunately, no, it wasn’t. But I think it had more to do with the author than the subject, b/c my main issue was that I was bored in the same way I get bored when I’m reading any generic contemporary romance.

Which was especially disappointing, b/c ALIENS.

Also, there was a shockingly nasty rape scene right out of the gate, and that always goes in the negative column.

So my experience with ICE PLANET BARBARIANS was less than stellar, but I don’t regret being talked into reading it. Now I know—there are some subgenres that are always going to be suspect, and alien erotica is at the top of that list.

What about you? What the weirdest thing you’ve been talked into reading? How was it?

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8 responses to “Bookfessional: Weird Stuff Our Friends Talk Us Into Reading

  1. There are books my co-worker keeps bringing me. Weirdly enough, though I do read PNR, the true science fiction in me hasn’t reared it’s head. He is very disappointed in me. I keep promising I will get to them, but they never seem to reach the top of the pile.

  2. aurian  

    I don’t get talked into reading outside my prefered genres, but I do follow an author I love when she goes somewhere else. And then I find my self suddenly liking some YA, or something darker than I am comfortable with. Sometimes she can make me love the book and keep on reading, sometimes not. Do I try other authors in that genre? No, because it is her writing voice that I like, and not the genre as such.

  3. I’ve read one monster porn just to alieve curiosity. I need more plot, but otherwise it was actually humorous to me. I’ve read about a ‘sissy’ guy romance where he lets his girlfriend make him up as a girl, but again, plot. Need plot.

    So, I’d pretty much try it, but I probably won’t like it unless it has a pretty developed story line and characters which leaves out most of the shorter ‘shock and awe’ extreme stuff.

  4. chucklesthescot

    I like paranormal and monsters but I definitely avoid monster porn! I’m not a fan of romance in my fave genres so monster porn does not appeal! I love dinosaurs but looking that up on Amazon leads to seriously dodgy sounding titles!