Bookfessional: Those Crazy Winchester Boys

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Bookfessional: Supernatural

It’s been years since I was last current with that beloved TV series, Supernatural, but Sam and Dean are Sam and Dean, and during my last episode of the Book Funk, I decided to get caught up . . .

So I binge watched all E L E V E N seasons.

B/c crazy.

I just finished the latest season a few days ago, but before I go there, I’m going to give (SPOILERY) short summaries of the first ten seasons:

1. Ol’ Yellow Eyes vs. the Winchesters and the magic gun.

Season ends with the impala getting slammed by a semi.

2. Live Winchesters trade their souls to get back dead Winchesters, and resurrected Sammy opens the Hell’s Gate.


Season ends with a multitude of demons escaping from hell.

3. Lilith gets a big girl vessel and sends Dean to hell (via hellhounds . . . b/c traded his soul . . . like an IDJIT).

Season ends with Dean in hell.

4. Dean is extracted from hell (but not before he gets his torture on), angels and prophets arrive on the scene, and Sam is demon blood-drunk.


Season ends with Sam releasing Lucifer from his cage. Whoops. (In his defense, he wouldn’t have been able to let the devil out if Dean hadn’t jumpstarted the release process).

5. Michael and Lucifer want Dean and Sam as vessels, and Sam and Dean take the rings of the horsemen to lock Lucifer back in his cage.


Season ends with Sam trapped with Lucifer, presumably FOREVER.

6. Sam is yanked from Lucifer cage minus his SOUL, and the Mother of All (monsters) wants to take over the world.

Season ends with Sam catatonic b/c Castiel smashed his mental block (b/c Megalomaniac Cass).

7. Megalomaniac Cass starts to melt b/c vessel can’t contain all the souls he absorbed, but sneaky leviathans are sneaky.

Season ends with Castiel and Dean sucked into purgatory.

8. Dean escapes from purgatory with his new bff, Benny the vampire, Sam and Dean discover their legacy status with the Men of Letters, and our boys decide to shut the gates of hell F O R E V E R.


Season ends with Metatron stealing Castiel’s grace and kicking all of the angels out of heaven.

9. Dean allows an angel to take comatose Sam’s body as a vessel to instigate heals (but doesn’t tell him), and Dean takes the Mark of Cain and the first blade.



Season ends with Dean (dead at Metatron’s hands) opening his BLACK eyes.

PS – seriously bummed we never went back to monster mafia Chicago.

10. Crowley’s mom shows up, SUPERNATURAL, the musical (A Single Man Tear), and the creepy-ass (Franken)Stynes do their freaky-ass things.

Season ends with Dean KILLING Death just as Rowena successfully removes the Mark of Cain, releasing the Darkness. *edvard munch face*

Here’s a handy infographic from to help you keep track of all their deaths:


As far as season 11 goes, I have to admit that I found the whole Amara, sister of God, plot line to be kind of MEH (and not just b/c dollface’s dress was similarly MEH). It just felt kind of silly . . .

I was also disappointed that the death of Death never really got addressed. I mean, sure, there’s that Billie chick, but who is she specifically, and is she more than your average reaper?

*shrugs* No clue.

Also, the Stynes, who we were told had bases all over the world, HEP BIG organized crime family, blah blah, and who would certainly be looking for retribution after Dean slaughtered the entire Shreveport, LA branch, were a no show.


For the first time since the early seasons, I loved the finale. I thought it was perfect, and I’m curious to see what the not-so–after-all Men of Letters organization has in store for Dean and Sam in season 12.

What about you guys? Any Supernatural fans? What did you think of season 11?

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11 responses to “Bookfessional: Those Crazy Winchester Boys

  1. You know, I sometimes feel like the only person who has never gotten into those Winchester boys. 🙂 I have watched an episode her and there but never from the beginning. It has been interesting to learn how many times they have died, etc. 🙂
    Stormi Johnson recently posted…Review of Chills

  2. This was a great post! I’ve watched them all too. Though to be honest, I didn’t like season ten or the first half of eleven. I was seriously questioning why I kept watching it, but then at about episode 10, season eleven got good again! I like the whole monster of the week thing and not these long plotlines that go nowhere.

    Who’s your favorite character? I like them all, but Dean is the best!
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Shadow Hunters Series Episodes One and Two Review

  3. Damn, thats a great post! 🙂 Expecially the graphics. Why do everyone but me find those..? (And, let my point that out: which other TV-show can rank their maybe top 10 deaths?!)
    I watched spn for the first time when I was 11: my cousin made me. Now i’m 20 and kind of hysterically watched the last season. I think s11 is the best season since s05 and yes, the finale was awesome! I’m curious how they will manage the meta-episodes in the upcoming s12 with Mom…
    I will probably share this post on my blog… b/c its perfect! Just as the spn-fandom is…

  4. Jennifer from The Book Nympho  

    Great post! I loved the episode where Dean died over and over. It was funny! The last two season was just Meh for me. I’ll give them one more season to see if I pull the plug on the show. The man of letters has not been my favorite plot line so I’m going into the new season with low expectations.