Review: Take by Nashoda Rose (@Mollykatie112)

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Review: Take by Nashoda Rose (@Mollykatie112)
Take by Nashoda Rose
Series: Scars of the Wraiths
Published by Indie
Published on: February 6, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 206
Format: eBook
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Feelings are a luxury I can’t afford. Hidden behind a shield of quiet placidity, I keep my secret safe from those who’d use it against me. Until him—the tatted up, self-centered Scar assassin hired to protect me.

He takes pleasure in tormenting me, chipping away at my defenses as if I’m a toy to be played with. I hate that he continuously reminds me that I’m nothing more than a job. I hate that my body responds to his touch. I hate him.


I’m not a good guy and I don’t pretend to be. Condemn me if you want, I don’t give a crap. You’re nothing to me. No one is … except her—Max. She’s my target. And I was hired to do a hell of a lot more than protect her … I was hired to kill her.
It should’ve been simple, but it was complicated as hell.

PNR Urban Bad Boy Kinky !#@

Stygian and Tyrant are the first two books in this authors, Scars of the Wraiths, series. I loved those two books and could barely put them down as they were so well written. Take is billed as a standalone book in the Scars world-maybe because the Wraiths aren’t involved? Not sure. If I hadn’t read the first two, I think I would have been pretty lost-at least in the beginning, as there is not a lot of back story about the Scars and their world.

Max is a Scar who has pretty much withdrawn from the world. She was rescued from a sadistic Scar named, Drake, who had used her to heal his lungs, over and over again, for six years. He also raped her and tortured her. She’s now living with a Taldeburu(leader of a group of Scars) Xamien, and under his protection. Besides being a healer, she is also able to heal another Scar’s Ink. She keeps this very secret because her former torturer has ink that has been destroyed by a goddess because his particular ink would endanger the world’s population. In this author’s world building, the ink(tattoo)a Scar is born with is able to leap from the Scar’s skin when called. It can then aid in a fight or something of that nature. Pretty unique! For those six years, Drake never discovered that she could have healed his ink and in doing so, his lungs would have healed. Jasper is a friend of Xamien, and he is also a ruthless Scar assassin. He enters Max’s world and turns it upside down. Jasper is as broken inside as Max is, and has a horrific past that has enabled him to become the unfeeling assassin that he is.

Of course this is the story of Max and Jasper’s romance. But it’s also the story of two people that are lost, broken, and alone, and how they heal each other. It becomes an exciting ride of a story when Jasper and Max have to escape both bad humans and vampires that are out to kill them-or abduct them. Those parts of the book had me on the edge of my seat.

I so wanted to love this book as much as the other two, and it almost happened. I loved the story, the back stories, and the characters. I enjoyed the romance, suspense, the hiding, and the chase scenes. One aspect held me back. Sex scenes that involve pain. The use of squeezing someone’s throat until they can’t breathe, or hitting their girlie parts just makes me cringe, and it pretty much ruined those parts of the book for me. I hate to say that because what would have been a 5 star read for me, completely changed at that point. I also don’t understand how it would be a good idea for a woman who has been brutally raped and tortured over and over again for six years(!) to have that done to her? It made no sense to me, even with the explanation given.

So 5 stars for the story and characters and 2.5 stars for the sexual scenes, puts me around 3.5 stars. It’s actually a good book, if not for the sexual scenes. I do plan on reading more of these books because I honestly love the premise of these stories and the urban fantasy elements are spot on. A new series with a new type of supernatural character? I can’t pass that up. I know that there are lots of people that won’t have my issues, so I do recommend this whole series to adult UF/PNR readers.

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19 responses to “Review: Take by Nashoda Rose (@Mollykatie112)

  1. This series sounds pretty unique with the ink. And I think it’s nice when there is a enough background information if a book serves as a standalone, else setting it in the same series might work better. It sounds exciting and like it has a good romance as well. Although I probably would have trouble with the rape and torture, not sure how graphic it is? I might check this series out as I always like unique concepts.
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  2. I remember putting the first book of this series on my TBR pile after reading your review. Good to know that this doesn’t standalone well and needs the back story.

    I do okay with the rough stuff as long as it’s consensual and doesn’t get too rough, but yeah, a rape survivor complicates it and it has to be written just right.

    Glad it’s still going strong through book three.
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  3. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have Stygian (and maybe Tyrant too) and I didn’t realize it was paranormal! Hmm… I love that the Scars are born with ink that can jump from their bodies. That sounds fascinating. And I really want to get those read now. But as for Take…I’m going to have to agree with you on it not seeming right that Rose would have a rape victim endure that sort of sex. And I’m sorry that the sex scenes rather ruined what would have been a story you loved. I *am* glad that at least the story and characters were strong. 🙂