#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In Jan 29 2016

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Fit Readers 2016

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Carmel’s Week

Other than Sunday when I was a lazy slug (my Fitbit also died), I had an excellent week; I walked the dog before work Monday through Friday, increased my steps a bit on Saturday during my OT shift, and got my yoga on twice. I also managed to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, so that helped boost my energy level, although I haven’t finished a book in over a week which isn’t an ideal trade-off in my opinion. LOL!

By The Numbers:
Friday: 51 active minutes, 9,918 steps, 6.92 km
Saturday: 46 active minutes, 8,249 steps, 5.76 km
Sunday: 980 steps, 0.68 km
Monday: 30 minutes of yoga, 104 active minutes, 10,875 steps, 7.59 km
Tuesday: 71 active minutes, 10,360 steps, 7.23 km
Wednesday: 30 minutes of yoga, 99 active minutes, 10,031 steps, 7 km
Thursday: 68 active minutes, 10,745 steps, 7.5 km

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Melanie’s Week

This week was better. I’m still not great on weekends, but until the weather gets better, I really don’t see that changing. I was pretty good this week. I ate well and got in exercise pretty much every weekday but one.

By The Numbers:
Friday: 67 active minutes, 10,170 steps, 4.42 miles
Saturday: 0 active minutes, 1,304 steps, 0.56 miles
Sunday: 0 active minutes, 3,467 steps, 1.5 miles, I did get in 36 floors, yay!
Monday: 26 minutes of Daily Burn, 102 active minutes, 10,316 steps, 4.48 miles
Tuesday: 31 minutes of Daily Burn, 91 active minutes, 10,158 steps, 4.46 miles
Wednesday: 9 active minutes, 5,776 steps, 2.49 miles
Thursday: 28 minutes of Daily Burn, 90 active minutes, 10,330 steps, 4.49 miles


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8 responses to “#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In Jan 29 2016

  1. Amber Elise from Du Livre  

    You guys are doing so well! I’ve got a pedometer on my phone and it just always depresses me by how little I walk. You guys have inspired me to hit my 10,000 mark for at least one week. I think the cold weather is keeping me from walking. Blah.

  2. Great job – love the “lazy slug” day of steps. My kids asked me how few steps they thought I could do and still manage through the day. I told them I didn’t want to find out! haha! Keep up the good work, both of you!