#FitReaders: Committing To Exercise in 2016

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Fit Readers 2016

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[quote]Carmel AvatarI’ve been averaging 10,000 steps during weekdays since March of last year thanks to getting up early to take my dog for walks, strolling around the parking lot (or building if the weather sucks) at work during my breaks and at the end of the day while I’m waiting for my ride to show up. This was pre-December though, last month I had a string of bad luck what with spraining my ankle, the holidays, and then getting sick. As a result, I’ve been out of it for several weeks, and I haven’t really had to deal with the mountain of snow that got dumped on us. Your commitment to exercise hasn’t truly been tested until you consistently choose heading out in -30C weather over staying in your warm bed. LOL I’m going to need a serious kick in the ass tomorrow morning.

In 2016, I’d like to maintain my current 10k/Mon-Fri routine as well as possibly increase my activity levels on Saturdays & Sundays. I’ve also gotten back into my yoga practice; I’ve been doing at least two sessions a week, but I’d like to increase that to three in 2016. I’ll try to stay on top of the Friday check-in posts; however, if that fails, I’ll at least hashtag it up on Twitter, and my trusty Fitbit will keep track of how I’m doing regardless. Melanie has also decided to accept this challenge, so that’s some great motivation right there! [/quote]

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[quote]Melanie Avatar I’ve been with #FitReaders back when it was #BookBlogWalkers back in 2014. However, I haven’t been very good about tracking and checking in. 2015 was my worst tracking year to date. I was even worse with actual exercise. I took a pretty bad spill from one of my horses, which took me out of exercising, even just walking for a few months. I have changed my diet and still was able to loose some weight and towards the end of the year got back into walking.

In 2016, I started back up with Daily Burn, an online workout app with videos, which I loved when I did them last year. I stopped after my injury. My goal is to do one of these videos 4-5 days per week. I also still have my trusty FitBit, which I plan to get 10,000 steps per day at least 5-6 days per week. I think this will increase as the weather gets better. I do volunteering at the Columbus Zoo, which helps me get more steps on the weekend and riding my horses helps too. I’m always better about working out on days when I’m working than when I don’t. I will try to be better about posting my progress on Twitter with the hashtag. And feel free to friend me on Fitbit. I’m hoping that with Carmel and I posting together, that will encourage us to stay fit and continue to track our progress. My ultimate goal is to fit into some old jeans that don’t fit anymore. It is only about 1 to 1-1/2 sizes too small, depending on the jeans, so totally doable.[/quote]

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13 responses to “#FitReaders: Committing To Exercise in 2016

  1. 10,000 a day?? Holy Shit! I felt great hitting 6,000 steps a day when I was feeling good. You guys are inspiring.
    My fitbit doesn’t get much of a workout anymore, especially since I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. When it hurts to move, and just walking gives you that old lady shuffle, working out is beyond me. But I am on a new medicine and am feeling better. So I am hoping to, by February, be moving well enough to once again tackle the gym. It’s one of my long term goals for the year.
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