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Top 10 of 2015

Another year has come and gone which means that it’s time to participate in Two Chicks On Books, Fiktshun, Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and Tales of a Ravenous Reader annual TOP 10 OF 2015 week long meme. Not only do I love lists but these posts are easy to put together and schedule during the holidays so that I can spend time with my family. Enjoy!

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Fearless 10. Fearless by Elliott James

The second installment was a lot more furry than the first which made me exceedingly happy even though both were 4-star reads. Those extra shifter bits made all of the difference, well that, and the fact that John Charming is such a fun character! ~My Review
Bayou Blues 09. Bayou Blues by Sierra Dean

This author teased me with her weres throughout her SECRET MCQUEEN series which I loved BTW, so needless to say I was psyched when I found out about this spin-off, and the little sister of one of my favourite Urban Fantasy heroines did not disappoint. ~My Review
Hunter Moon 08. Hunter Reborn by Katie Reus

This particular book was more about vampires than wolves, but there was still enough of the latter to justify it making the list, especially if you take into consideration the four titles that came before it. ~My Review
The Southern Belle's Guide to Witchcraft 07. The Southern Belle’s Guide to Witchcraft by Loribelle Hunt

For a new-to-me author, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this novel. There’s no news on a follow-up yet, but if and when the time comes I’ll be there for sure! ~My Review
In the Company of Wolves 06. In the Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler

I had a difficult time picking my top SWAT installment because 3 of ’em were released this year, and honestly they are pretty much interchangeable when it comes to their werewolf awesomeness, so I went with the most recent one. ~My Review
From Russia With Claws 05. From Russia With Claws by Jacey Conrad, Gia Corona

This book wasn’t even on my radar until the publisher approached me about a review, and as soon as I found out that this is one of Molly Harper’s pen names I was sold because her shifters are always a hit with me. ~My Review
Dead Heat 04. Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

You can’t have a list about weres without a couple of key authors being on it, and of course Briggs is one of them. I was all about Mercy Thompson until I discovered Charles & Anna. Highly recommended! ~My Review
Forsaken 03. Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong

I’ve been DYING for an OTHERWORLD story about Elena & Clay’s twins, and the final product was everything that I hoped it would be and more. Fingers crossed that this won’t be the only novella about Logan & Kate! ~My Review
Mate Bond 02. Mate Bond by Jennifer Ashley

I never plan on reading Ashley’s SHIFTERS UNBOUND whenever I compile my wishlist; however the latest title has a way of showing up on my doorstep, and I have yet to regret saying yes to one of them. ~My Review
Autumn Moon 01. Autumn Moon by Jan DeLima

This series has made the cut 3 years running, but AUTUMN MOON was by far my favourite. The hero has been trapped on 4 paws for centuries, and this was his human debut. Cormack won my heart in the best kind of way. ~My Review

Did you read anything wolf-y that didn’t make my list?

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16 responses to “Best Werewolf Books Of 2015 (@delimajan, @JennAllyson, @KelleyArmstrong, @Mercys_Garage, @mollyharperauth)

  1. I am completely shocked at myself for not having read Forsaken yet. I am ashamed! I found I read a lot of older releases this year so I didn’t get a lot of new shifter books in. I will have to try some of these out!

  2. Margaret  

    I love this list every year because it’s not one I could make. I don’t read enough shifters – I’ve only read three on the list. I would add Vision in Silver if that counts as a werewolf book.

  3. Great pick for this list (Werewolf Books). I like your chooses. Mate Bond by JA was a great read. I still need to read Dead Heat by PB and I have not picked up PT’s SWAT Special Alphas series yet, but It’s on my TBR.

    I’d add The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch by Anna Lowe to the list and Terry Spear’s – A Silver Wolf Christmas.
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