Review: From Russia With Claws by Gia Corona and Jacey Conrad (@mollyharperauth)

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Review: From Russia With Claws by Gia Corona and Jacey Conrad (@mollyharperauth)
From Russia With Claws by Gia Corona, Jacey Conrad
Published by Omnific Publishing
Published on: August 18, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Pages: 220
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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When Alpha female Galina Sudenko agreed to attend her distant cousin’s birthday party, she wasn’t counting on meeting the devastatingly handsome and powerful Rom Alpha, Andrey Lupesco, or having her sexy times with him interrupted by the murder of her idiot brother-in-law, Sergei. But such is life when your father is one of the most powerful werewolves within Seattle’s supernatural Russian organized crime syndicate.

Not content with being just a pretty face and good breeding stock, Galina sets out to make her mark within the family. But in doing so, she runs afoul of her eldest brother, Alexei, the heir apparent to the family dynasty. He has no intention of ceding his position without a fight.

Andrey and Galina’s burgeoning romance is threatened when she discovers that before his death, Irina’s husband, Sergei, hijacked Andrey’s shipment of the werewolf drug, Bullet, a synthetic drug that gives the supernatural creatures a cocaine-like high. Sergei’s theft means that Andrey had a reason to have Sergei killed, leaving Galina to decide whether to risk trusting Andrey even as her feelings for him deepen.

As her brother Alexei’s behavior becomes more erratic, Galina must find the missing shipment, prove to her family that she’ll be a capable leader, and decide whether her lover Andrey can be trusted before she can hope to challenge her brother for his position as head of the family.

A tale of sexy werewolves, forbidden love, family power struggles, and danger closing in, Gia Corona and Jacey Conrad's From Russia With Claws will leave you howling for more!

Hot! Hot! Howling Good 2015 Fav

August is an insanely busy month for me, and I’m not referring to real life stuff. I’m talking about the sheer number of must-read Paranormal titles that are in the pipeline. I found out about this book two weeks before it went on sale, and don’t tell the rest of the pretties that are currently sitting in my review queue, but they all got vetoed by Molly Harper, and her werewolves. More sex, and a co-author helped to sweeten the deal.

I know that we’ve only just met, however I straight up LOVED the characters! Galina is a strong, independent woman who’s out to prove that anything men can do, she can do better. Andrey was a great pick for her for a partner; he’s a heavy hitter in their operation, yet he didn’t stand in Sudenko’s way of accomplishing her goals. Konstantin & Nik were SO cute, and Irina was pretty bold for a human. All raving aside though, Alexei & Maksim can go suck an egg!

The story delivered way more than I’d bargained for with its romantic entanglements, crime syndicate style subterfuge, and family double-crosses. When I booted up my Kindle, I fully expected to feel uncomfortable reading this novel in public either because of uncontrollable giggling spurts, or graphic humping. And, although it wasn’t quite as funny as some of Jacey Conrad’s alter ego’s works, the booty calls were on fire thanks to Gia Corona’s Erotica background.

It was the plot that gave this title a leg up on the Paranormal Romance genre, and just on book 1’s in general. I liked the idea of Russian werewolf mafia, and thought that the authors intertwined all three elements to perfection. The point that I am trying to make is that FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAWS is the whole package; the Sudenko’s are a fantastic cast, the HEA provided immediate bliss, and the prospect that additional installments may be in the works is gravy.

FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAWS was Gia Corona & Jacey Conrad’s first full length team effort, and I’m definitely hoping that it won’t be their last.

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