DNF Review: Blood Call by Lilith Saintcrow (@jessicadhaluska)

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DNF Review: Blood Call by Lilith Saintcrow (@jessicadhaluska)
Blood Call by Lilith Saintcrow
Published by Orbit
Published on: August 4 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 336
Format: eBook
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A brand new thriller with a supernatural twist from New York Times bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow.
Anna Caldwell has spent the last few days in a blur. She's seen her brother's dead body, witnessed the shooting of innocent civilians, and been shot at herself. Now she has nowhere to turn—and only one person she can possibly call.
Since Anna dumped him, it seems waiting is all Josiah Wolfe has done. Now, she's calling, and she needs his help—or rather, the "talents" she once ran away from. As a liquidation agent, Josiah knows everything about getting out of tough situations. He'll get whatever she's carrying to the proper authorities, then settle down to making sure she doesn't leave him again.
But the story Anna's stumbled into is far bigger than even Josiah suspects. Anna wants to survive, Josiah wants Anna back, and the powerful people chasing her want the only thing worth killing for—immortality. An ancient evil has been trapped, a woman is in danger, and the world is going to see just how far a liquidation agent will go...

wtf2 hotmess INFURIATING

I don’t often post DNF reviews. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first.


Sometimes something happens in a book that there’s no coming back from, and it infuriates me to the point that I MUST DULY INFORM THE MASSES.

I’ve recently decided that when this occurs, I’m no longer going to force myself to finish it.

It doesn’t matter what else happens. I already hate it. The end.

And that is my disclaimer.

DNF at 10%

I used to be more naive about books.

I’d read something . . . something so despicable that I didn’t immediately register what had happened, and when my brain caught up to my eyes, I’d try to rationalize it: surely that didn’t just happen, surely there is some kind of extenuating circumstance that will make the whole situation more palatable and less WTF?!

But I’ve learned that is seldom the case.

Oh, you’re supposed to fall into that trap.

In one book, the heroine was an active participant in a school shooting that resulted in the death of something like 50 or 60 students and teachers, but only b/c her bff was being held hostage.

Like that was supposed to make it okay. That MC sacrificed the lives of 50 or 60 innocent bystanders for the life of one person she happened to know, and she should therefore not have to face any consequences for her actions.

She didn’t want to do-the-thing, she had to do-the-thing.

And some people found that to be a compelling argument.

I thought it was total bullshit. #sorrynotsorry

And similarly, I found the situation I was confronted with here to be total bullshit:

1. Josiah, a “liquidation agent” (<——why can’t you just call him an assassin like a normal person?), got dumped three years ago by the love of his life when she walked out after learning what he did for a living. NOT b/c he told her, but b/c her brother the-investigative-journalist found out and told her.

2. Anna has been on the run for four days after discovering her brother (and various others) dead, and lacking any other options, calls her exboyfriend the assassin liquidation agent. She needs help, and she has money . . . (<——a lesser evil.)

3. It’s made abundantly clear that these two still LOVE each other. So much that Anna admits to herself she wouldn’t have left him, despite his profession, if he’d only been honest with her, and Josiah fully intends to never let her go again now that she’s dropped back into his life.

4.a. When Josiah picks up Anna at their rendezvous spot, she’s in bad shape: blue with cold, beaten up, exhausted, borderline shocky. At his house, he discovers one of her shoes is full of blood.

4.b. As soon as Josiah picks her up, Anna continuously tries to secure a commitment of help from him. A commitment he will not give, finally answering ominously, “Maybe I don’t want money.”

5. She asks him what he wants—again—while he’s starting to help her get cleaned up. He goes to remove her nylons, all the better to attend her BLEEDING FOOT, but gets sidetracked, allowing his hand to wander youknowhere, and informs her that what he wants is SEX. LOTS of it. Oh, and she’d better pretend that she likes it, too.

What. The. Fuck?

I’m not even going to take the time to innumerate all the reasons why that is beyond forgiveness.

And, NO, I don’t give one damn what the reason is. I don’t care if he hasn’t had sex once in the three years since she left, I don’t care if “he’s a man,” with urges, I do. Not. Care. There’s no coming back from that. I’M DONE.

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Maybe you agree with me, and maybe you don’t. Either way . . . now you know.

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25 responses to “DNF Review: Blood Call by Lilith Saintcrow (@jessicadhaluska)

  1. Doug Meeks

    I get these review notices in my inbox regularly and usually just pass them by unless they are about a book I have/intend to review myself but a DNF review will always catch my eye and sadly I usually stay away from her books because of what I saw as author bias showing through in another series. There are some solid rules I have about books and I kinda combined several of them below but not sure ANY of them fit what has to be described as a total mess from your review 🙂

    The rest of this is just for authors – – I don’t want to hear about your likes/dislikes/political/religious/pet causes/ANYTHING, write the damn book and try to remember that something YOU may dislike, is probably something a LOT of other people like (and they read books)

    I have read otherwise good books that made fun/insulted Republicans/Democrats/Christians/Catholics/Jewish/etc (you get the idea) so if you cannot come up with a mythical bad guy that is not inclusive of a real group of people , maybe you should just find another line of work since I find it just another form of racism (painting with a very broad brush here).

    BTW: Really enjoyed the review and here is a link to the best review of all time IMHO LOL I hope to write a review this good one day.


    • Doug Meeks

      Well it seems to have magically appeared after about 2 minutes, would delete the second one but no potion for that 🙂

  2. Felicia GeekyBlogger ( from thegeekyblogger)

    I have never ever ranted like that *side eye—-maybe once, twice, oh what the hell yes every time something like that happens*

    I have a feeling I would have thought the exact same thing. Seriously your hand better not go near my twat when I have blood in my shoe. There is no way you are getting the answer you are looking for — especially if you want me to like it.
    Felicia GeekyBlogger ( recently posted…Review: All The Ways to Ruin a Rogue by Sophie Jordan

  3. Mogsy from BiblioSanctum  

    I have this one in my to-review pile, let’s see how I do with it. Pretty disappointed by the premise and the character attitudes already though, from the details your DNF review. I tried my first book by Saintcrow earlier this year, didn’t like it. I was hoping to give her work another try with this book and that it would be better.
    Mogsy recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday 08/19/15

  4. Holy Hot Mess Batman! So 10% of 336 pages, would be about page 33.Take out the acknowledgements, dedication, title, etc pages and that number goes down to probably about 27-28 pages of actual story. So maybe 2 chapters? I say again, Holy Hot Mess Batman. I have no problem with assassins or anti-heroes, but this guy just sounds like an asshat jerk. I agree – Pass.
    Judith recently posted…Review: The Undying Legion by by Clay & Susan Griffith

  5. Thank you for the honest review. Not many will write a review or say why they DNF a book. I am sorry you did not like it. The book cover and blurb made it sound appealing, but I will be staying away. What you did not enjoy and that was a great list, is something I would not enjoy too.

  6. I am reading this at the moment, and I’m really struggling. Josiah is a horrible person, and Anna just puts up with his bullshit. I’ve never put a book down in my life, so I’m compelled to continue, despite how laborious it is.