Question: Do You Actually Get Around To Reading Your “Someday” Pile?

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Here’s the thing . . .

I don’t really have a “someday” pile. When I started blogging, I had a kindle that I kept meticulously organized. I had my favorite books that I’d already read divided into a dozen(ish) collections, and I had books I was definitely planning on reading at some point in “unread” versions of those collections. Then I had several more besides. I had so many books, divided up so specifically, that the idea of trying to reorganize it based on reading-for-review made my head want to explode.

So I got a new kindle. Yes, I’m serious. Don’t judge.

Then, despite Carmel’s warning . . . I went a little ARC-request crazy. Between that and my OCD about having to review earlier installments before the new ones means that, NO, I absolutely do not get around to reading my “someday” pile.


While I may make mistakes, I also learn from them, so hopefully this is a temporary situation. That’s the goal anyway. And then, also hopefully, I’ll have a chance to read something from my someday pile.

Then again . . . I’m kind of a superlative person (*snorts*), so I either have a burning desire to read ALL THE BOOKS, and read them NOW, or . . . or I’m pretty meh about it.

Where most people would have books that qualify as “someday,” I just have books that I really, really want to read, or books that I probably won’t read, but I got them for cheap (or FREE), so I haven’t totally negated the possibility, but yeah, probably not going to happen. And yes, there are degrees of MUSTΒ read, but that degree varies day-to-day, based on my mood. My mood is really what governs what I read. I’m kind of difficult in that regard . . . basically . . .


What about you?

Do You Actually Get Around To Reading Your “Someday” Pile?
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My name is Jessica and I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’m trying my hand at writing, but mostly I read. My favorite genres are Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and the YA versions of those genres, but if there is a book of a different color getting lots of buzz, I’ll read it too, just to be informed. If I’m not reading or writing, I’m probably on Goodreads or Pinterest or baking blueberry pies because I love them.



111 responses to “Question: Do You Actually Get Around To Reading Your “Someday” Pile?

  1. What an evil question, says the one who gets books from the library each week despite having tons of unread books on her self and Kindle.


    I’ve been getting slightly(?) better at reading books I already own. When I’m not busy reading all the historical romance I can get my hands on. Actually, not buying books has been the best way to get to my someday pile.

    Recently, I “got rid” (in quotes because I pulled them off my shelf and put them aside) of books that I wasn’t likely to read. Or that I was okay with heading to the library if I wanted to read or reread. And that shrunk my someday pile quite a bit.
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  2. I try to keep my list pretty clean. I do have some books that have been on the “someday pile” for quite a while, most of them I get to eventually. As a matter of fact, I think I read several on my last vacation. I try to avoid the “Free” on Kindle unless I’m sure it is a book that I’m truly interested in, to help keep that list short.
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  3. I have a bunch of books that I’ve had for a while and I find that lately I’ve been reading more of them, especially when I need a break from review books. I actually had bought a 6 book series almost 4 years ago and I’m just finishing the last book now πŸ™‚
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  4. *looks at pic* *snickers*

    I am a bit like that too… I don’t have lists or folders or anything of the like. Every Kindle or physical book I’ve bought has been with the intention of reading it, but depending on the mood, the moment, my free time or other books that might come around… in short, I just need more time to read cause “too many books, too little time”!!
    Pili recently posted…First Chapter, First Paragraph #8: Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley!!

    • Yeah, LOL. Occasionally I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll be like, “my reading schedule,” and I’m all, “what’s that like?” MOOD readers unite! And more time to read is always a good plan πŸ˜‰

      • Nathan ( from reviewbarn)  

        Forcing myself to leave the ARCS is a bit different as I am forcing myself to reward myself with whatever I want to read rather than something within a release window.

        If that makes any sense at all.

      • *facepalm* Sorry, Nathan. I think I slipped into rote-mode, and didn’t realize it. Of course they’re different, and if I were as good about reading ARCs as I should be, that would be about the only kind of “forcing” I could deal with πŸ˜‰

  5. OMG, I’m so with you in this mess, Jessica! πŸ™‚ I didn’t get so far as to buying a new kindle, but there is a folder on mine that has review books which only go into other folders once they are read, everything else is organised by genre.
    I don’t think I have a must read pile beyond review copies, but I definitely struggle to have a balance reading them and my own bought books. Yep, my someday pile is huge, and it all depends on my mood if I read books from it or not. Or on some other blogger awesome review when I suddenly realise “yes I have that book and I want to read it now!”
    kara-karina recently posted…Audiobook Urban Fantasy Review: Shattered by Kevin Hearne

    • β€œyes I have that book and I want to read it now!”<------THIS. This happens ALL THE TIME. And if I could have kept it confined to one folder, I would have, but I have a folder for ARCs, and a folder for books that aren't ARCs, but I really want to read for review, and then . . . it's a problem, LOL.

  6. LMAO! You bought a SECOND kindle JUST for review books!? Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a kindle and a kobo, but they aren’t organized into ARCs and someday pile. And, I hate to say it… but I told you so. πŸ˜›

    I do get around to reading my someday pile, but not nearly as often as I would like. Whenever I have a lull in my reviewing queue, more often than not, instead of grabbing an oldie from my shelves I buy a new book instead. Or 5, and 4 of them end up on my someday pile. FAIL.

    • YEP. I did. You don’t believe me when I try to explain how OCD I am, LOL. Maybe now . . . πŸ˜‰

      And yeah, that about covers it. One-clicking is a double-edged sword. But the new ones are so very pretty and shiny.

  7. My someday pile is actually called ‘might-read-someday’ and it’s totally virtual πŸ™‚ All the books I actually own are on my TBR shelf, but there might be some on there, too that I will never ever get the time to read.
    On my ‘might-read-someday’ shelf, I have all the books that have been recommended to me, or that are by authors I really love. But these are only books I do not own, and haven’t pre-oredered, and for which I do not have an ARC.
    I’m like you, too, if I get an ARC for a later book in a series, I usually read the books prior to that one first. So I need to live for a very, very long time still to be able to read all the books that have ever piqued my interest.
    Lexxie recently posted…Review: Resisting the Musician – Ally Blake

  8. Chanzie from Mean Who You  

    Ha ha you totally crack me up Jessica!! I am the same. I don’t think I will ever finish all the books I have to read (physical & ebooks) in this lifetime. It freaked me out at first and then I just let it go. I stopped requested ARC’s and signing up for tours though. My plan of action is to work through the awesome books I do have. Its a slow work in progress and yes I still add to my pile and I still download the freebies and I still grab a good deal when it’s on sale *sigh*
    Chanzie recently posted…Book Blast: Guardians ~ The Girl: Book 1 by Lola StVil

  9. “I just have books that I really, really want to read, or books that I probably won’t read, but I got them for cheap (or FREE), so I haven’t totally negated the possibility, but yeah, probably not going to happen.”

    That is me to a T Jessica! I don’t really have a someday pile either, I just have a must-read pile. If I get through that, I sort of flit around and pick up anything that sounds interesting to me at the time. I think everyone has experienced the ARC-requesting craziness that sometimes happens thanks to NetGalley and Edelweiss, I’ve definitely been there, but I’m a little better about it now:) A little.

    Also, that picture makes me happy. I would totally cut a piece right out of the middle like that:)

    • So what your saying is the requesting too many ARCs thing—it doesn’t get better, LOL. Well, a little better πŸ˜‰

      And heck, between the two of us, we could probably knock out the whole cake,

  10. I have a HUGE “someday” pile and that has been growing and growing for years. I have some books I GOT years ago and still haven’t gotten around to reading – or more likely, my mood hasn’t fancied it. I go by my moods, too. And the longer I go without reading something, the less likely I am to read them. It’s tragic really, especially when I think of the money that has gone into buying these probably brilliantly written books.
    A lot of the freebies I’ve got, also, have not been read.
    I have a problem with buying and then six months to a year later they’re still waiting on the pile to be read. πŸ™ And at the time of buying, I’m all excited because I’ve been waiting for ages to get that book and…yeah. I don’t know where my enthusiasm goes. lol
    So in answer, no, I don’t get my ‘some day’ pile read. It just keeps growing.
    Katheryn recently posted…Review: 3.5 stars to Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss #3) by Stephanie Perkins #YA #Contemporary #Romance

  11. I don’t think I’ll ever get to all the books in my someday pile. I’m getting MUCH better about it though. I cleared out almost 100 books and donated them to the library and I rarely request anything anymore. (I average 2 requests per month) but I still have too many books and new ones come out soooo….yeah – it’s never happening.

    I have Ikea bookshelves and a few have doors so I just hide them. It’s the only way I can enter the room with ALL THE BOOKS and not have a complete meltdown. lol

    • I should definitely donate the crap ton of books I’ve got just sitting around that I know I’ll never read. That can be a goal, LOL.

      So wait, you have bookshelves that have doors you can use to HIDE the books? Hmmm . . . I don’t know what I think about such a thing existing . . . I like to see the books, but I can also understand how hiding some of them would be a good thing . . .

      • Most of the shelves are open & sorted into review by date sections (the majority are BEA books). Then the *for fun* pile.

        I have the doors because at the time my dogs were younger and I was afraid they would nibble my keeper/collectible books but now it helps when I’m feeling overwhelmed. lol

      • Hahahaha!! That makes so much more sense. I completely understand—my cats like to try and nest on my bookshelves. SO not the thing for them to be doing. But still, helping with the overwhelmedness works too. Multi-purpose bookshelf doors πŸ˜‰

  12. I am terrible about actually reading from my TBR pile but I joined Kimba’s TBR pile challenge earlier this year and I got a ton read and I LOVED it so now I make sure to make room for at least one read from my TBR pile that isn’t a review book or ARC of any kind and I am liking it so much better now plus I am putting a (small) dent in my pile and it feels nice. πŸ™‚
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

    • I think the difference here is that I actually include the books I WANT to read along with the books I HAVE to read. That’s where the moodiness of my reading comes into play. I can’t imagine only reading books I’m supposed to read . . . *shudders*

  13. Braine  

    I guess mine would be all the freebies that I hoarded in the past. As as some of the books that I won at random giveaways or bought at a bargain. I guess my priority lies on the galleys and arcs that I get via mail.

  14. I have actually been trying to turn my Someday pile into my Audiobook pile. Whenever I see a series that has been on that particular pile for let’s say a couple of books or so (I don’t judge you, you don’t judge me… deal?) I will try and find it in audio version. That way the pile does start to go down… occasionally. It’s a start anyway.
    Judy recently posted…@GoddessFish Interview: Second Skin by Jesse Pearle

    • I never judge, LOL. I’ve got FAR too many odd habits to ever look askance at someone else for there’s πŸ˜‰ And that is an excellent solution. I wish I could do that too, but audio and I don’t work well together.

  15. Yeeeeesh. This feels like a time for everyone to confess what horrible book hoarders they are. Out of my 5 physical bookshelves I’ve probably read less than one (only keepers get to stay). That doesn’t include any of the hundreds of Kindle books I’ve bought or got free. It’s a sickness and I have it. The only way I’m getting to my someday pile now is thanks to audible and the library’s audiobook section. I just don’t have time otherwise.

    And NetGalley (and other review-copy sites) are like friendly dive bars to an alcoholic who’s trying to stay sober… you drive by and can’t resist that siren call. Especially once a few publishers start giving you auto-approval. lol
    Rhianna recently posted…Cover Reveal: The Collectors’ Society by Heather Lyons

  16. GOSH JESS. It’s like you hate me. POSTING A PICTURE OF A CAKE (is it a cake?) that looks as delicious as that.. and is cut right in the middle (I can be a little OCD.. looking at that hurts).

    I have to say, my someday pile depends completely on my mood. There were books that have been on my someday pile forever (well I am talking GR tbr list not books I own…) and I decided I really wanted to read a certain book as soon as I got my hands on a copy so that moved from the someday pile to the tbr pile (which on GR is almost 800 effing books *wipes sweat off of brow*). I mean a couple months or even years ago, an MG book would have been a someday if I feel like it but today if it sounds good enough… I want it as soon as possible. On the other hand some books go on my TBR pile and I keep on saying I’ll read ’em but then I don’t. Example, Treasure Island. I bought that book for super cheap ages ago and meant to read it over the holidays in MIDDLE SCHOOL and I STILL haven’t. EEK. I am hoping to find more time to read books I want to read that aren’t arcs and are instead books I’ve been meaning to read for ages.. I am doing better on that end this month though what with my goal and what not πŸ˜›

    I don’t even know if any of what I just said makes sense but anyway, FANTASTIC discussion/question post, hon <33
    Rashika recently posted…ARC Review: I Want it That Way by Ann Aguirre

    • Hahahaha!! So sorry, dearest. I’ll try to be more sensitive about your OCD in the future.

      *high five* MOOD readers UNITE! I’d let the Treasure Island thing go, and just watch Treasure Planet. It’s Disney and therefore awesome. I’m only partially serious . . . Robert Lewis Stevenson (it is Robert Louis Stevenson, isn’t it?) has always been a little dry for me.

      Thanks, Rashika! And you always make sense πŸ˜‰

  17. Mogsy from BiblioSanctum  

    I actually do! I mean, once a month or so I would grab a book on my “someday” pile that’s not a review book or ARC and read it. That said, it doesn’t happen enough and so the “someday” pile just keeps growing, but at least I’m making a dent in it, even if it’s infrequent. What’s helped a lot are audiobooks. “Someday” books tend to be older, so my library usually has them in audio format and whenever I see it available in Overdrive I grab it. So that makes things go faster.
    Mogsy recently posted…Tough Traveling: Shapeshifting

    • Geez. All you guys and your audiobooks. I’ve never resented not being able to do the audiobook thing, but you guys are making me start to, LOL. Pfft. I’m glad you’ve found a way that works πŸ˜‰

  18. I would never judge you!!! β™₯

    And good gawd…my kindle has never been organized, like ever. I’m kinda jealous of your OCD tendencies. <– TRUE STORY. Now with my NEW kindle *waggles brows* I feel tempted to organize it but I kinda like the chaos of all the books. I'm weird like that.

    I have a ton of books in my TBR. And sometimes it's nice when a friend is all like, YOU NEED TO READ THIS which takes the pressure off of me in trying to decide what to tackle next. *wink*

    But I'm not sure that I have a particular system in figuring out what to read next. This might sound really strange but sometimes a book picks me before I pick it. *shrugs*
    Cristina recently posted…Are You A Series Reader?

    • LOL. I cannot handle chaos when it comes to books. Seriously, like once every six months I have to reorganize my bookshelves, b/c NEW BOOKS. Like right now . . . I’m starting to get twitchy b/c it’s been awhile. I’m trying to wait until after Dragon Con though πŸ˜‰

      And hey, I can help out in the regard N. E. Time.

      And that doesn’t sound strange at all. It would definitely make things simpler too.

  19. I too have gone ARC crazy recently. I’ve managed to whittle the list down to 7 unread, and until that list is down to 2 or less, my “someday” books are but a distant dream. I actually recently went to my GoodReads to-read shelf and removed a bunch of books that I realistically wouldn’t read, even though I had really wanted to when I added them. While my Kindle is not yet to the point where reorganization would be overwhelming, I can totally see myself simply buying a new one were I in your place. Great question.
    Leila recently posted…Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather

    • Thanks, Leila! And yay, LOL! Someone who understands πŸ˜‰ I’ve removed books from my goodreads shelves too, but I still have so many that it’s never impacted my overall reading habits. I’m not terribly worried about it. As long as I have books that I’m excited about reading, I’m happy.

  20. No judging here! For me it depends, sometimes I read off my “someday” shelf and sometimes I don’t. I’m a “mood” reader, so what I read depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for anything on my shelf (physical or Kindle), so I’ll get something different from the library or store. So, I too read what I want when I want!! πŸ™‚

  21. LOL I do what I want! That’s the best thing πŸ™‚ But no really I was all happy and excited with kindle and started buying different books and then realized that I’m making a huge mistake. That and my often request crazy moods have thrown all my plans through the window. I do manage to read a book or two from that someday page but it’s something I’m proud off. So yeah, I just go with the flow and read whatever I feel like πŸ™‚
    Tanja recently posted…City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

    • Today has been a blogging day, LOL. Tomorrow is for recovery πŸ˜‰ And reading. And eating. And things like that.

      And yeah, I pare down my list occasionally also, but I’m also continually adding to it so . . . 500 years should do it. Maybe.

  22. I’ve been really good lately with reading all of these older books, and often they’re ones that I own a physical copy of. But you know…this usually means that I am WAY behind everyone else on the trends. Whatever, I’m fine with it! I’ve been pretty good with ARC requests but sometimes I’m tempted…
    Danya recently posted…Tough Traveling: Shapeshifters

  23. Berls from Fantasy is More  

    “So I got a new kindle. Yes, I’m serious. Don’t judge.” <— Okay, totally not judging, but definitely LMAO! Because yeah, I can totally see myself doing that. I mean, I'm an organization freak and I would pay serious money to be organized. However – I am ridiculously cheap, so I've just spent hours organizing. In my case, I didn't own even one unread eBook before I started blogging so that wasn't a big deal, thank goodness. Who knows how I would have handled that moment. Oh and no, I don't think I'll ever get to them either. I have then in the maybe pile because, well, maybe. But not likely since there's literally hundreds of books that got a higher place on my list.
    Berls recently posted…Γ’Β€ΒœCastle LeochҀ S1:E2 | Outlander Thoughts

  24. Kat Stark from NotYetRead  

    You come up with amazing questions, I swear.

    I think that since I started reviewing, I have been extremely picky with adding books to my TBR and downloading free books and (as of late) requesting ARCs. It gets too crazy and I actually like having the possibility of finishing the books on my list πŸ™‚

    So yes, I hope to get around to me “someday” books.
    Kat Stark recently posted…Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

  25. Oh, yeah sure. It may take a year or two but I always end up reading the books in my someday pile though I don’t actually have that kind of pile ahah. It’s all in my head lol. I usually read book that I feel excited about and sometimes I feel excited about a book in my someday-AKA to-read- pile and so read them. πŸ˜› I do what I want as well haha.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Gates of Thread and Stone (Gates of Thread and Stone #1) by Lori M. Lee

  26. Usually I’m working on my next book or revising a previous book–so my reading goes between books for 7-year-olds and books for 10-year-olds! Sometimes I get to read grown-up books and it always feels like an indulgence…I try to keep my YA and adult TBR list limited for that reason.
    Stephanie Faris recently posted…Am I a Writeaholic?

  27. My strategy is to throw every book I come across that I think I might want to read on my Goodreads to-read list and then cull it once a month or so.

    Thank goodness for Kindle/e-readers by the way. I’ve been living outside of my home country (the US) for years now and getting English language books at a reasonable price was always a huge pain. Not to mention that we moved a lot and dead tree books are heavy and ther was never enough space to take all the books wherever we were headed. (Want to keep your clutter down? Move overseas often – like from the US to France and from France to Japan and then back to France. Can’t take everything and every move means whittling down your stuff.)

    Now almost all my books are on my e-reader and so wherever I go all my books are just an internet connection away.

    The downside of this, of course, is that English-language bookstores in a lot of places are suffering. I have a friend who runs a used bookstore in Tokyo and the Amazon/Kindle revolution are killing his business.
    Victoria recently posted…FATCA Lawsuit Filed in the Federal Court of Canada

  28. LOL at the photo on the bottom of the post. ;D I do have a mental “to-be-continued” pile for sort-of DNF books, and I also have stacks of books I own that I still have not yet read, and are on my “someday” pile.

    There are a couple of times when I do read them–maybe I don’t feel like reading my newer purchases and rummage through my older ones. It’s pretty rare, though.

    As for ARCs, I only request a select number, so I don’t really have that much trouble keeping up, unless there are exams/tests/etc, so I do get around to reading a lot of “me” books. πŸ™‚

    Awesome discussion, Jessica!
    Aimee recently posted…Let’s Party! (15 Recommendations + INTL Giveaway!)

  29. I do! Sometimes…heh. Okay, mostly my someday pile sits untouched, but I attempt to methodically eat through it. Like I have had Wicked glaring at me from my bookshelf for AGES but I’m taking it when I go on holiday. SO IT WILL FINALLY BE READ. But all the freebies or things I’ve won on my kindle? I doubt I’ll ever read them. *sigh* I’m hopeless with kindle books. I still prefer physical.
    Cait recently posted…A Very Sensible List On Why I Love The Book Thief

  30. I have been trying to read from my wishlist from the library in the breaks that I have from my arc reading schedule and books I have bought. It is slow but this year I have started and finished a series and a few standalones from someday.

  31. I NEED SOME OF THAT DESSERT! Dessert first baby, nom nom.

    Yeah – I keep telling myself I need to get around to those books I’ve “always been meaning to read” but then I let those forthcoming titles always overwhelm me. I even though hey with Maggie and Tina and now Kat helping out I’ll be able to read the review books and squeeze in more backlist titles I’ve owned forever and have been wanting to read – but it just hasn’t worked out that way because still the dent they help with isn’t big enough lol. So I just am waiting for the day I can be a house wife I guess or reture LOL
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Gasp! I DNF’d it – Where Silence Gathers, Evil Librarian & more

  32. I tend to get to all my physical books since I keep them under control, but my ereader has way too many books on it, and they’re not really organized at all. So while I want to read them all, I know I won’t read most of them. And re-organizing them just sounds like too much work.
    Sarah recently posted…Would You Rather…

  33. This is such a painful question Jessica. I feel like all I do is read but I don’t ever find the time to read all the books, you know? *sigh* What’s that quote? “i was born with a reading list i’ll never get to finish” YUP.THATS ME. *sigh* I have books i buy and never find the time to read or series i want to reread but dont have the time either. I just have so many books in my ‘someday’ pile!
    Lily recently posted…If I Stay: Movie Review

  34. LOL!!! I can’t wait to meet your very organized self next year in Dallas, Jessica! You’ll find I’m your opposite! *grins* I cannot judge you on getting another kindle – I have 2 nooks and a kindle, myself – and while my books are somewhat organized on 1 nook, the other ereaders are…well, you know. They’re bulging with books because I can’t seem to control my itchy one-click finger and my blogging friends keep tempting me with books I want to read NOW. Alas, they seem to end up as someday reads because I procure more titles than I have time for. *sigh* My physical bookshelves are also crammed with someday reads. But I WILL get to them…eventually. πŸ™‚

  35. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever get through my to-read list in my lifetime. I stopped going to the library because I can’t even justify bringing home another book when I have so many to read right here. The Kobo is exploding with books and I do have it set up with shelves for the ARCs by release month. I started a reading next shelf in Goodreads, but it’s grown to to many books.
    I don’t know, I haven’t read anything in 3 days now and I am beginning to wonder if I just need a break.
    AH recently posted…Early Review: Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake

  36. Do You Actually Get Around To Reading Your β€œSomeday” Pile? – Yes and I’m actually making an awesome progress. A few months back, I decided to list all the books and series that I need to finish this year. I promised myself not to buy any new series that is not listed on my list (unless it’s a standalone). So far, I’m doing well!

    Anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with buying new books and adding them on the “someday” pile. It’s what we love most and we love collecting books.
    Irish recently posted…Weekend Reading

  37. I feel like I’m being interrogated here lol. YES I have thousands of books on my kindle. THOUSANDS. I mean, free is free. And those are definitely on my someday pile. But so are all the books I’ve actually purchased and haven’t read. They’re all somedays. Did I mention the whole needing to be immortal? No I probably will never read them all, but the books don’t need to know that.
    Julie S. recently posted…Sharing the Bookish Love – August 22, 2014

  38. NO πŸ™ BUT I AM TRYING. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. I also have this thing where I’ll binge read a book that isn’t on my schedule yet. (I keep a list! :))

    Also, like you I tend to go on a request-frenzy. That’s why sometimes I *try* to block myself at Netgalley and Kindle (the freebies are so tempting!) πŸ˜›
    Paula M. recently posted…ARC REVIEW: Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan a.k.a i’m curious about that feeling as well

  39. Pnr series where I loved the worlds, and YA contemporary have all be put on this pile. I tried a YA cr just yesterday and had to put it down again, pushing it onto my never pile. I’m actually in a tiny slump at the moment so it puts me in a position where I can look back at some pnr that deserves a second chance. Tbh though if I loved it that much, like I do uf, I’d have read them by now..its been over a year since I’ve read ‘classic’ pnr.
    Lorelle Page recently posted…Can we increase our creative limit?

  40. I think I helped myself out the past few weeks with this. I moved out of my parent’s house so I finally went through all of the books I own in order to pull out the ones I just knew I was never going to read. I then gave them to a friend of mine for her daughter and I felt good that even though I didn’t want those books that the daughter was highly enjoying the new to her books. Plus it helped me get rid of some of those maybe someday books, even though I still have many of those on my shelves lol.
    Great question!
    Alexa recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want to Read but Don’t Own Yet

  41. Oh, jeez. I started off super organized as well, but that went out the window pretty quickly once the books just started arriving, unasked. I mean, it’s a good problem to have, but I will never, ever, EVER be caught up. I am so grateful that this happens on the one hand–some of my recent favorites have been books that weren’t even on my radar!–but it’s also kind of crippling, because I’ve stopped requesting as many books that I actually am interested in reading. So yeah, my “someday” pile includes a shit-ton of books I never asked for, as well as books I’ve purchased but won’t get around reading for a long time because I feel guilty about my review books.

    And hah, I think everyone goes ARC-crazy when they first start blogging. It’s irresistible. πŸ™‚
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