Review: Jabril by D.B. Reynolds

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Review: Jabril by D.B. Reynolds
Jabril by D.B. Reynolds
Series: Vampires in America #2
Published by ImaJinn Books Inc.
Published on: December 22 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 268
Format: eBook
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Houston, Texas—Cowboy boots, baseball, and journeys to the stars . . . right?

Wrong. Because Houston is also home to Jabril Karim, one of the eight powerful vampire lords who control all of North America. And as Private Investigator Cynthia Leighton will soon discover, not all vampire lords are created equal.

Jabril is the face of evil in the new world, a vampire who values no life but his own, who enslaves those he desires, steals whatever he covets, and destroys anyone who stands in his way.

Running from L.A. and its seductive vampire lord, Raphael, Cyn sees the Houston job as a welcome refuge, a place to get away and heal her broken heart. But Texas will be no vacation. Cyn will confront a true enemy in Jabril, one who will go to any lengths to satisfy his lusts, enrich his coffers, and expand his power.

Fighting for the lives of two young sisters, Cyn’s journey will take her through the streets of Houston and back to L.A., where the human police are determined to bring Raphael down for the murder of one of their own. But the danger doesn’t end there.

Jabril has set his sights on Cyn, and he will stop at nothing to have her.

It’s sometimes hard to read a book series back to back, but this wasn’t one of those times. I read this one, and the first in the series, Raphael, in a two day period recently, and liked them both-a lot. This one was the winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award,for paranormal romance(small press). The other thing interesting is that Jabril is the name of the villain, not the main character, which means that Raphael was the love interest in this book too. Yea!

Cynthia (Cyn)Leighton is still suffering from a broken heart after master vampire, Raphael, leaves her alone. As she is a private investigator, she decides to take on the case of a missing girl in Texas. Elizabeth is human, but under the care of her guardian, a vampire named, Jabril. The girl’s sister, Mirabelle, is also under Jabril’s rule, only she is also a vampire. The sisters have inherited a huge estate and Jabril has taken it over and is just waiting for Elizabeth to turn eighteen before he changes her, as he did Mirabelle. As he is their master, or in Elizabeth’s case, will be, that puts all of the estate in Jabril’s hands. I should mention that Jabril is just flat out evil-not one shred of anything else but evil. Cyn of course is having none of it. She takes one look at Jabril and knows that both sisters need to be free of him. And let me tell you, Jabril’s wrath is pretty unreal. Raphael is really not happy with Cyn either. He knows exactly what Jabril motives are towards Cyn, and they have everything to do with Raphael.

I haven’t found a series that I liked this well in awhile. I have a huge tbr pile and that means I usually read the first of a series, have every intention of reading the next one, and in most cases, still haven’t. So the fact that I immediately read the second one of this series after finishing the first, is very telling. I found them to be well written, suspenseful, bloody and very sensual. Cyn is not one of those simpering main characters that have to be rescued by the hero. She can hold her own with vampires and does so-even if the odds are stacked against her. I also enjoyed getting to know more about Raphael, and his reasons for leaving Cyn behind.

The next book features another couple from what I can tell. I do know that the author revisits this couple in at lease a couple novellas. I am going to try and read these books in order, no matter how much I want to finish reading more about Cyn and Raphael! My hope is that the next books, and their main characters, are just as entertaining, and the characters as well drawn, as the characters in these first two books. If you haven’t read the first book in this series, you really should, as this book will make a lot more sense! FYI-This one does not have a cliffhanger-good news!


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I’m Lorna and I live in Maryland. Since retiring, I spend my time mostly reading and reviewing books. My favorite reads are Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Young Adult. I read a lot of indie books in addition to traditionally published books. Favorite paranormal creature? Vampires, but I am really liking werewolves more everyday.



20 responses to “Review: Jabril by D.B. Reynolds

  1. Oh Lorna, I’m so glad Jabril was every bit as enjoyable as Raphael was! Yay! It makes me want to get to these asap. I know exactly what you mean about reading the first in a series and having the intention to continue the series but getting behind in it. 🙂 So it IS something that you read these both back to back. Yep, I’m gonna read these just as soon as I can. Fab review!

    • Thank you! I can’t begin to tell you how many 2nd books I still need to read 🙂 Just started another really good series and I probably won’t get to the second and I hate that! I hope you enjoy these 🙂

  2. Oooh, I’m so glad you enjoyed book two of this series, Lorna! I’ve read the first book and really enjoyed the relationship of Cyn and Raphael. The fact that you immediately immediately picked up book two and enjoyed it as much (with no cliffie) has me even more excited to get back to this series 🙂
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  3. I’m so glad this was just as good as RAPHAEL! I seriously need to continue this series. This cover looks different from the original I remember, did they revamp the covers? I like that this book revisits Cyn and Raphael and that it just doesn’t focus solely on new characters. Great review Lorna, I think I’ll have to get to these sooner than I anticipated! 🙂
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