Review: Moon Struck by Jeanette Raleigh

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Review: Moon Struck by Jeanette Raleigh
Moon Struck by Jeanette Raleigh
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Published by Indie
Published on: March 26, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Pages: 521
Format: eBook
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A fun romp, When Were & Howl follows the antics of two best friends, Jen and Ali. They are both unpopular as weres go. Who wants to be a mouse, after all? But together they manage to get into lots of trouble.

When Jen falls in love with her werewolf boss, Ali is there to see her through. Ali finds a love interest of her own, but things get crazy and danger lurks at every corner.


Do you like the occasional lighthearted but still paranormal read? I do and when I found this book for free,and read what it was about, I was in. It’s novella length but you can get the whole series of five bundled at a reasonable price. Jen is a were-mouse born into a wolf family. That seemed really different, which believe me is becoming more important to me now with all the same sorts of books being published-over and over.

So okay, a were-mouse that hides in a closet during each full moon for fear she will become a werewolf snack. She considers herself a kind of black sheep in her family of wolves. She works as an assistant at a real estate office, where her boss Rob, is a werewolf. She is madly in love with him and he, well he has a different full moon date each month, while looking for a mate. To Jen’s disgust, he sometimes spends the full moon nights at the office. When Rob realizes that Jen must be interested in him after one such occasion, he asks her out for the next full moon date-of course not knowing she is a mouse. Jen’s best friend Ali, is a raccoon shifter and couldn’t be more happy with herself. True to her inner animal nature, she is constantly getting into trouble and taking Jen along for the ride. When Ali steals an magical amulet that can make a person change into a wolf, it could be just the thing Jen needs for a full moon date with Rob. Let’s just say, things get really interesting at this point.

This ended up being a really cute and even humorous read. I enjoyed Jen and Rob’s relationship, and the character of Ali was just a really fun part of the read. The world these characters live in is a world where the supernatural element is not hidden. A vampire is introduced at one point and as much as I love vampire characters, this vampire is described as really pasty faced and looking as dead as he really is-nothing glamorous here. I think the second book of the series may feature him, although it also features Rob and Jen.

As soon as I finished this, I immediately bought and downloaded the When,Were and Howl collection bundle because it was just such a fun read and I wanted to continue with the story. I read so many books that are full of killings, and vicious villains and creatures, sometimes it’s just fun to relax and read a feel good story. This totally fit the bill for me.

FYI I am not sure if the series is finished yet.

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14 responses to “Review: Moon Struck by Jeanette Raleigh

  1. This sounds cute and different. As soon as I read were-mouse hanging around wolves I was thinking “snack time” …lol. I have discovered some great authors with freebies. Looking forward to checking this one out.

  2. A were-mouse that is new. I’ve been trying to get through all the free books I’ve download. You can find some good authors that way and discover new things. I enjoy a lighthearted read now and then. Thanks!

    • I know right? I read another book recently about a vampire and there is a rat shifter in it that made me laugh out loud while reading it, so I had to get this when I saw what it was about! Hope you enjoy it!