Question: You Are The Main Character In The Last Book That You Read. Who Are You?

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It’s rare that I get to take credit for coming up with the weekly question in these posts; Julie deserves mad props for her seemingly never-ending list of them. But today’s is based off of a graphic that I found on Pinterest and shared on my Facebook wall so, even though the question itself didn’t originate from me, I still get recognized for the find. Thank youโ€”I’ll take it. LOL It’s a simple one but that’s a good thing seeing how I slacked-off this week and am typing up my answer the day of.


My answer is actually the same as it was last week when I shared this graphic which is kind of sad because it tells you how very little reading I’ve managed to do lately. That being said, I am 20 minutes away from finishing listening to RIVER MARKED by Patricia Briggs which makes me… yup, you guessed it. Mercy Thompson! As far as heroines go, she’s not a bad one to be in my opinion because after all, she is mated to Adam Hauptman. Enough said.

Your turnโ€”Who Are You?

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14 responses to “Question: You Are The Main Character In The Last Book That You Read. Who Are You?

  1. The year is AD 875, I’m Elena Karlsdotter from Norway, married to my Viking husband of five years. Not being able to conceive has out a strain on our marriage, and we’re about to be kidnapped. I’m also about to find out that my husband and I are on course to finding our true soul mates. Let the drama begin ๐Ÿ™‚ – To Tempt a Viking by Michelle Willingham

  2. I will do a re-listen on Dreamfever just to be MAC….LOL
    I’m doing a re- listen of Outlander ( I’m almost finish with, Dragonfly in Amber) so I’m Claire…but I grad be Mac..LOL

    • LOL I don’t blame ya! Claire isn’t a bad character to be either. I’d love to to a re-read of this series but the books are just so freaking long! Love ’em though.

  3. Well, right now I’m listening to Jennifer Estep’s Tangled Threads and reading Coreene Callahan’s Fury of Seduction…so does that mean I get to chose between being Gin Blanco, bad-ass Elemental Assassin, or Tania Solares, awesome landscape architect who’s mate is a dragon? Hmmm….choices, choices…but I’m going to have to go with Gin on this one ๐Ÿ™‚