Question: Did You Get Books or Book Related Stuff For Christmas?

Posted January 2, 2014 by Carmel in Question / 13 Comments


I’m sad to say that I did NOT get anything bookish for Xmas; apparently my family thinks I’m an alcoholic because I got plenty of booze related gifts instead. Check-out the ginormous wine glass―it holds a full bottle! Mind you, it did come in handy during the holidays. The flask is super cute and I have a feeling that I’m going to need it over the next six months as my wedding date draws nearer.


Did You Get Books or Book Related Stuff For Christmas?

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13 responses to “Question: Did You Get Books or Book Related Stuff For Christmas?

  1. lol, I did get a few books from the Hubs and from my book club gals. I love the wine glass you got! My husband bought me these two huge hurricane candle holders in the shape of wine glasses, and when I unwrapped them he told me they were Scandal sized wine glasses. In case you don’t watch Scandal, the main character is always drinking wine out of glasses that seem just to get bigger and bigger as the series goes on. lol

    Love the flask!

  2. Boozy gifts can be fun too! But I did get a book related present…a new Nook HD+. I’m so excited for it because it has Google Play and I was able to download the Kindle app so I can get Nook & Kindle books on one device! Score!

  3. I love your gifts esp that flask! I don’t get book related gifts for Christmas because my family and friends do not want to enable my addiction LOL. I think that’s for the best anyway. Happy 2014 Carmel and the rest of Rabid Reads!!

    • It’s probably also a good thing for me too because I am picky about what I read and they don’t really know what I have / haven’t read. At least this way I avoid getting crappy books!

  4. Booze can be a great gift. lol

    I purchased a PaperWhite for myself a month before Christmas. Love it!

    For Christmas, my hubby got me the Marie Lu dystopian trilogy and a book called Rook (books I requested πŸ™‚ ). Can’t wait to read them! I also got an Amazon gift card. It was a good year.

  5. LOL I also did not get any book related gifts this year. Someone needs to send our families a memo πŸ˜‰ I do love my gifts, though. And my BF’s gift is actually going to be book related when I get it, though. We’re in the middle of a move and when we get into our apartment on the 15th he’s taking me shopping for a desk, bookshelf, and comfy desk chair. So that will be the best xmas gift of 2013 for sure! Supports my reading and blogging habit!

  6. I didn’t get anything bookish, music related or any films this year. Clothes was the main focus this Christmas. Happy New Year!