Question: Are You A “I Read A Few Great Reviews So I’m Buying This Book Now!” Book Buyer?

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In my pre-blogging days, absolutely! Now… not so much. However, if I do read a few great reviews from other bloggers who I know and trust, then yes. I guess you could say it’s complicated. Over the years I’ve developed a pretty strict reading schedule, I know it’s not for everyone—many frown on imposing limits on their favourite hobby—but personally I like lists. I’m a planner, after 3+ years of blogging you have to be otherwise you either quit or go insane. I used to spend hours researching my next read, scouring the internet for reviews, reading blurbs, free samples, etc. Now I have a huge wishlist, and I try to buy them as I go because I’ve realized that purchasing every single book that I want to read gets expensive, especially when I don’t actually get around to reading them.

I do occasionally make spur of the moment decisions though; I was a reader before I became a blogger after all. Sometimes I’ll get in this weird mood where nothing on my shelves interests me or I just say screw my review queue—I’m reading this today instead! The only time reading a review will totally convince me is when it’s by one of my go-to peeps, and even then, I usually wait until a couple of them have written glowing reviews. A good, recent example of this was Anne Bishop’s WRITTEN IN RED; I knew it was about werewolves so I added it to my TBR pile but I’d originally planned on letting it sit there a good long while. Then I read Hot Listens review which linked to Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks‘ review, and I was sold. I listened to it. Loved it. And, my review will be posting on February 10th. What can I say, sometimes that’s just the way it goes!

Are You A “I Read A Few Great Reviews So I’m Buying This Book Now!” Book Buyer?

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24 responses to “Question: Are You A “I Read A Few Great Reviews So I’m Buying This Book Now!” Book Buyer?

  1. I used to be but now I am a wishlister! I like having them in one place so that when I am stuck or in a rut I can look at my list and see if something jumps out. Otherwise I am now a “shop my TBR shelf” buyer and/or series/authors I am already reading. I will admit that occasionally I will see 4 or 5 of my most trusted bloggers love something and I will be swayed to buying it. It does take more than one though 🙂

  2. I used to buy books that I thought would be cool, sometimes with or without other people’s reviews (not too many luckily). But now I only buy books that are part of a series I’m already reading, or from authors I love.
    I almost always test out new books by borrowing it from the library first and seeing if I like it. I don’t have that much to spend on books these days. I try not to add too many to my wishlist, just ones I know I want to actually read at some point. I still have the urge to buy ALL the books but I keep it under control.

  3. Like you, in my pre-blogging days I used to buy books based on good reviews or check the “people who read this also read this” section on Goodreads. Since becoming a blogger who reviews, I always read the 1-3 star reviews first because I’ve noticed that my tastes definitely do not coincide with the masses. If trusted friends tell me I have to read something, I’ll do it. Or I get really lucky and meet people like you who introduce me to something new and it’s a hit right out of the gate 🙂

      • That has been my experience for a long time now. They’re also more open about the plot (holes), story flow and character flaws. Not to mention some things that a reader may consider objectionable.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve added as many books to my wishlist due to 1-2 star reviews as I have 5 star reviews. The lower ratings tend to give more details about the book than the raving ones, so it makes it easier to decide if I think I might like it.

  4. I’m more of a “ooh I read some good reviews let me add this book on Goodreads” kind of person. Becoming a blogger has me laughing at my purchased books piles and I’ve been trying not to purchase a book unless I’m gonna read it right then.

  5. I am with contemporary and new adult books. If I read a kick ass review from a trusted friend or blogger, I will buy the book immediately. When it comes to UF and PNR, though, I need more than a few good reviews.

  6. I can say I used to, but not anymore. I’ve become an oddball in the past couple of years where I am so picky about my books and a lot of my books my friends like I don’t like or they are just okay.I can’t even really read YA anymore, I mean I can, but I am very picky with it. So if it’s a book my friends like, I really look into the book before considering it. The synopsis, book reviews good and bad. I totally look through that whole book page on the book.

  7. I definitely used to pre-blogging days, but I tend to stick to the series I really love now. I used to be a book hoarder but have gotten better, my bank account thanks me! If a lot of my friends are raving about a book I might be tempted to get it…no willpower over here…LOL

  8. I have a handful of blogger friends (you included) that if they LOVED a book I will look at it twice.

    If I’m looking for a werewolf book I look to you for it. And if you really loved a book that’s not a werewolf book then I’m more likely to read it. LOL

    But for the most part I don’t look at others’ ratings or reviews much like I don’t look at what movie critics say about a movie. I know that’s bad of me to say since I’m a blogger who writes reviews on books I read. But I think all readers (blogger or not) have a circle of reading friends they trust to guide them in their reading journey.

  9. You & I are similar. Before I probably would but now I would have to see if I actually have the bandwidth to read it. Exceptions are those cool 99pennies deal. I would grab it for that and maybe read it for later.

  10. I’m so grateful for Goodreads because it helps me keep track of what I’ve read and what I want to read. I’ve got a huge list of wishlist books and, generally, I already have an idea of what order I plan to read them in. Like you, I’ll break from the list if I hear a really great review and if I end up loving the book, I may bump other titles from that author up to the top of the list (especially if it’s a series). As for Anne Bishop—well I LOVE her books and I’m heading down to Amherst in March to get her to sign a copy of Murder of Crows after it releases. 😀