Para New Releases: January 14th

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Young Adult:

Stormbringer (Weather Witch #2)
by Shannon Delany
Young Adult
[learn_more caption=”Book Description”]In the intrigue-filled follow up to Weather Witch, Jordan Astraea, once a young Philadelphia lady of good social standing, is now in the final stages of her brutal training to become a Conductor—the Weather Witch who serves as a living battery to keep the massive airliner Artemesia aloft. Meanwhile, Rowen, determined to rescue her after losing his only other true friend and being wanted for murder, has found himself forced aboard a much different air vessel, this one manned by a dangerous crew and carrying a cargo so treasonous, that, if finding its destination, will herald a storm of revolution for the still young United States.

With a spirit for adventure, romance, fantastic world building and cunning imagination, Shannon Delany delivers the sensational follow up to Weather Witch in Stormbringer, the second book of the trilogy.[/learn_more]

Face of Death (Touch of Death #3)
by Kelly Hashway
Young Adult
[learn_more caption=”Book Description”]Having fallen at the hands of Hades, Jodi’s enduring torture like she never imagined. Worse, she has to watch her Ophi friends suffer along with her–the punishment doled out by the very people she’d sentenced to life in Tartarus. Hell. This is one reunion Jodi hoped would never happen, but now she must find a way to free them all.

Except the underworld is nearly impossible to escape.

Jodi’s one chance may rest in raising the human soul she killed when she drank Medusa’s blood.

But splitting her human soul from her Ophi soul means living a double life: One as an Ophi experiencing unspeakable torture and the other as the human she could have been if she never came into her powers. With her two worlds colliding, Jodi will have to make the toughest decision she’s faced yet.[/learn_more]


Sole Survivors (Crux Survivors #2)
by Dani Worth
SciFi Erotica / Dystopian
[learn_more caption=”Book Description”]In a harsh new world, only she can bring him to life…

Chase Hawthorne is on the run from a ghost. The shooting that took his little sister and scarred Chase’s face and body has left far deeper scars on his brother Tripp’s soul. Driven to pull up stakes and head for the most haunted place in Louisiana, Chase hopes to prove to Tripp there is no ghost of his twin beckoning from the afterlife.

When he comes upon a young woman fighting off raiders, Chase doesn’t hesitate to help the first female he’s seen in years. And he tries to ignore his instant attraction, hoping Tripp will feel it, too—and emerge from his frightening depression.

Keera has been alone too long, and Chase makes her feel things she never thought she’d feel again. Tripp may be the needier brother, but it’s Chase she wants. Scars and all.

But letting people too close comes with risks. And as they are drawn into the search for a young man’s family, both must accept the possibility that there’s more to life—and love—than simple survival.

Warning: A hero who puts his own needs aside for family. And a woman who’s out to prove there’s no law against a man listening to his body once in a while.[/learn_more]

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5 responses to “Para New Releases: January 14th

  1. Kinda glad this is such a light release week (especially after all the goodness of last week and the squee worthy titles coming up in a couple (Up From the Grave anyone?) You found a couple that I missed too! LOL 🙂

    • The first week and last week of each month are always the worst. I was looking over my release calendar the other day and July is really gonna suck. There’s like 11 titles on my wishlist and I only typically review 8 a month. I don’t know how I’m gonna pull that one off. LOL

  2. I got one my favorite books (read) form 2013 released on audio today, so it made my week 🙂 Other than that, I can’t take it easy on my pocketbook for a while..LOL. Waiting for my credits 😉