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I remember seeing Felicia’s (The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog) post in early January about her #BookBlogWalkers Challenge and thinking “what a great idea”, then I of course forgot about it and got back to reading. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions or challenges but for several months now I’ve been thinking that I really should start exercising again because not only is it good for your health (duh!), and would make my dog EXTREMELY happy, but I’m also getting married in 5 months! Today, when I was on Twitter and saw Felicia’s weekly check-in, I decided that’s it I’m doing this!! So, I signed-up and went for a walk.

In case you didn’t already know this, I’m an uber geek and love all things tech so on top of tracking my progress via my blog, I’ll also be using my trusty Wii Fit U pedometer to count steps and calories. The challenge is simple: commit to 30 minutes of walking a day. I’m going to update this post regularly with my progress, and if you’d like more information about #BookBlogWalkers or would like to sign-up, head-on over to The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog for all the dets. And, in case you need extra motivation, there’s also a monthly giveaway for participants. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

Week of January 17th to 23rd
Day Minutes Activity Steps Calories Burned
Friday 30 Walking 3,157 55
Saturday 45 Walking 3,933 76
Monday 30 Walking 3,042 55
Tues-Thurs *** Anything below -30Β°C is just too darned cold!! ***
Week of January 24th to 31st
Monday 35 Walking 3,378 64
Tuesday 30 Walking 3,067 58
Wednesday 30 Walking 3,041 59
Thursday 30 Walking 3,124 68
Week of February 1st to 7th
Saturday 30 Walking 3,163 58
Monday 40 Walking 3,649 68
Tuesday 30 Walking 3,216 58
Thursday 30 Walking 3,052 66
Week of February 8th to 14th
Saturday 30 Hiking 3,244 76
Monday 30 Walking 3,063 61
Wednesday 30 Walking 3,127 58
Thursday 30 Walking 3,120 54
Week of February 15th to 21st
Tuesday 30 Walking 3,077 51
Thursday 30 Walking 3,111 55
Week of February 22nd to 28th
Monday 30 Walking 3,253 60
Tuesday 30 Walking 3,068 58
Week of March 1st to 7th
Saturday 20 Shoveling
Tuesday 60 Walking 6,334 115
Wednesday 60 Walking 6,344 105
Friday 60 Walking 6,220 105
Week of March 8th to 14th
Monday 60 Walking 6,143 108
Week of March 15th to 21st
Monday 60 Walking 6,176 108
Week of March 21st to 28th
Hurt my back. πŸ™
Week of March 29th to April 4th
Monday 60 Walking 6,216 113
Tuesday 60 Walking 5,942 102
Thursday 60 Walking 5,868 97
Friday 180 Heavy spring cleaning 900
Week of April 5th to April 11th
Monday 20 Walking
Wednesday 60 Walking 6,178 105
Thursday 60 Walking 5,931 109
Friday 60 Walking 5,956 108

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14 responses to “Book Blog Walkers 2014 Challenge

  1. I use the Nike app to track my run/walk workouts. I thought about joining this but I’ve been so lazy lately, that I just decided against it.

    “going to the chapel and we’re gonna get maaaarried…” Congrats & best wishes! I would see your tweet convo at times about your upcoming wedding but I didn’t want to intrude. Must be so exciting to live your own HEA! Weee!!! I hope you share pics, carmel!

    • I’ve been super lazy too; I’m hoping that if I’m forced to give regularly updates it’ll motivate me cuz I won’t want to write “I exercised for 0 minutes” this week. LOL

      Ooh, feel free to intrude when you see me venting on Twitter. It helps keep me sane.

  2. So glad you are joining! I get lots of audiobook time in when walking (when the dogs allow it LOL—we will see if that stands once squirrel season starts) πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the pending nuptials πŸ™‚

    • I hear ya. LOL I let my dog run off-leash so listening to audios while walking is sometimes difficult when there’s a lot of people and I have to correct her a lot.

  3. Great job with walking. I was really lazy this week. Sigh.. the video I use kicks my butt so I dread it. I much prefer to go to the gym and get my work out there. Who would think the gym would be easier then a video??? Here is my update: Book Blog Walkers


  4. You’re doing so good! And I agree anything below -30C is too cold. I looked it up and that’s like -22F and I’m currently complaining about being cold at 35F (2C) so I can’t fault you one bit. For days like that I like to do videos at home, but I know that seriously doesn’t work for a lot of people. Good luck with your goals πŸ™‚

  5. katarguelles

    Great job and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I just posted my first check-in and reading everyone’s post is motivating me to try harder!! Have a great week!