Question: Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Badass Heroines?

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Last week, Barnes and Noble published their 10 most badass women in fantasy literature list so I thought I’d weigh-in on the topic. I also wanted to shout out to the gals from Addicted 2 Heroines who are currently hosting a hottest heroine covers of 2013 contest which was a huge help when I was doing research for this post.

I definitely agree with Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep’s ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN series and KATE DANIELS by Ilona Andrews. And, even though I haven’t read many installments in Faith Hunter’s JANE YELLOWROCK series or in Jaye Wells’ SABINA KANE series; I understand how these two heroines ended up on this list. I agree that Marmee Noir was badass back-in-the-day but I have since stopped reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s ANITA BLAKE series so I don’t really get why she’s number one.

My personal picks would including Sierra Dean’s SECRET MCQUEEN, Cat from Jeaniene Frost’s NIGHT HUNTRESS series and Merit of the CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES (Chloe Neill). Oh, and possibly Andrea Nash from the KATE DANIELS WORLD (Ilona Andrews) but I hate having two characters from the same series on one top 10 list.

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Badass Heroines?

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23 responses to “Question: Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Badass Heroines?

  1. That’s a hard one. I actually haven’t read the ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN series or KATE DANIELS (I know, I know…) so I can’t really say but yeah, I love Cat and I do love McKenzie from The Shadow Reader, she’s not your usual badass heroine but I love that she tries so hard lol.

    I’m actually considering to read the Arcadia Bell series, I’ve heard good things about it and the heroine seems great! πŸ™‚

    • What!? You haven’t read Jennifer Estep’s books OR Ilona Andrews’?? o_O The ARCADIA BELL series rocks too; definitely add that one to your list while you’re at it!

  2. Gin Blanco (Jennifer Estep)
    Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews)
    Evy Stone (Kelly Meding)
    Secret (Sierra Dean)
    Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter)
    Cat (Jeaneine Frost)
    Angel Crawford (Diana Rowland)
    Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison)

  3. I haven’t read any of your mentions either, but my favorites are:

    Tayla (Demonica Series by Larissa Ione)
    Delara (The Senses series by Cindy Paterson)
    Yvette (Yvette’s Haven by Tina Folsom)
    Cyn (Raphael by D.B. Reynolds)

    I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed, but these ladies always come to mind when I think of butt kicking heroines. They are just as tough as any male and don’t need saving.

  4. I need to read Ilona Andrews soon. *hides*
    As for who the most badass heroine is. Umm…well, there are so many, but the first two that popped in my head were Elena and Eve from the Women of the Otherworld series.

    • Haha Don’t feel bad. I hadn’t read the Kate Daniels series earlier this year either. I LOVE Elena. Can’t wait for the spin-off mini TV series in January!

      • Me too! I’m so excited to see it. I do hope they make a second season and that it has Adam in it. (Can you tell I’m not over my obsession with this demon yet? :P)

  5. I agree with Cat and Merit, I still need to get started on the other series you listed. I would also add Sabina from Red Headed Stepchild series. There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now.

  6. I love Cat from the Night Huntress series, and I also really enjoy Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series, and also in all her broken-ness Chess from Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series πŸ™‚

  7. I’m so behind on my series – I haven’t read more than book 1 of Gin and I haven’t read more than 2 books of Cat. I’ve read Chicagoland vampires and I have to say Merit’s really grown on me, but I haven’t read any of the others yet – there all on my hopefully soon list. I have to add Dory from the Dorina Basarab Series by Karen Chance and Mercy from the Mercedes Thompson series. Oh and I love Rachel Morgan from The Hollows by Kim Harrison! I better stop or I’ll keep going LOL!