Question: Have You Ever “Fixed” A Bookshelf At A Bookstore To ‘Help’ A Favorite Book?

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I worked at a Chapters Indigo store (Canada’s largest book retailer) back when I was in college and that year+ I spent alphabetizing, building promotional displays and, cleaning up after customers really stuck with me because now, when I see something out of place while browsing I have a hard time resisting the urge to fix it. Thankfully, I live out in the boonies and only visit bookstores a handful of times a year so it doesn’t happen very often. I have a difficult enough time as it is keeping my own house tidy thank you very much!

Now, if the misshelved novel is by one of my favorite authors, I’ll definitely be more inclined to fix it but I’m just as likely to do the same for a book that I’ve never heard of. Sometimes I even find myself mentally critiquing the best sellers display while coming up with ways that it could be improved upon. I guess my old retail habits die hard! But, I also worked at a convenience store way-back-when and to this day, everything in my fridge and cupboards are “faced”, meaning their labels are always facing forward. What can I say? I like things to be neat and in their proper place regardless of whether it’s books or food. Ok enough with my trip down memory lane…

Have You Ever “Fixed” A Bookshelf At A Bookstore To ‘Help’ A Favorite Book?

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16 responses to “Question: Have You Ever “Fixed” A Bookshelf At A Bookstore To ‘Help’ A Favorite Book?

  1. I have been known to “face out” the books of my writing friends on occasion. I’ve never moved one of mine without permission from the booksellers though. All the space in a bookstore is like real estate. Publishers have paid for the “best addresses” for their titles. However, if I visit a store and sign the stock, often the booksellers (who are my own personal superheroes!) will move me to an end cap or other favored spot.

  2. I have a couple of times. The latest time was when I saw the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep in B&N. I put the books in reading order on the shelf. LOL

    I also worked in retail years ago and I still fix things sometimes. I ALWAYS put things back where I got them if I change my mind about buying them. I remember all those nights having to stay late after the store(s) closed to clean up after shoppers.

  3. I do this ALL THE TIME. So much so that the workers at my local book store just roll their eyes and laugh at me.

    I’m really bad at my Target because it gets so messy in there. If there’s a book I love I’ll make sure the best copy is on top or facing out.

  4. Trish

    It drives me nuts to see a book in the wrong location. For instance, my used bookstore sometimes puts Linwood Barclay (and other mystery/thrillers) in with true crime! I hate that someone may miss out on an incredible book (Barclay is great too) by not seeing it due to it being in the wrong place. So, I have moved a few before.

  5. I don’t get to an actual bookstore very often…most of my ordering is done online (either an ebook or I’m having a physical copy delivered to me). I have been know to reorder a series or help a wayward book back to it’s author’s section if I find it misplaced πŸ™‚