Josh Reviews: The Devil Inside by Jenna Black

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Josh Reviews: The Devil Inside by Jenna Black
The Devil Inside by Jenna Black
Series: Morgan Kingsley #1
Published on: November 27th, 2007
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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In a pair of black leather pants and a kick-ass tattoo, Morgan is heading back to Philadelphia after a nasty little exorcism—and her life is about to be turned upside down… by the Demon that’s gotten inside her. Not just any Demon. Six foot five inches of dark, delicious temptation, this one is to die for—that is, if he doesn’t get Morgan killed first. Because while some humans vilify Demons and others idolize them, Morgan’s Demon is leading a war of succession no human has ever imagined.

The Devil Inside had me going there for awhile.    You see I was marveling at its usage of demons, how they can possess bodies (but only supposed to possess those who are willing) and supernaturally enhance them.    Enter firemen and police officers doing their best with demonic aid.

Morgan Kingsley, a last name sure to never appear within the book’s covers (only on the outside), exorcises the demons who take unwilling hosts, such as the small girl she must save as the story opens.

These mechanics are all well and dandy until a whole lot of BDSM, male-on-male interactions, and explicit foreplay grow up to obscure it.    Now…I feel in a rough patch in discussing even the presence of these items.    As far as characterizing the people close to Morgan, even if their life values are a little on the wild side, the job is well-done.    These beefcakes do keep Morgan’s life interesting.

The problem lies in their continual evocation.    About half way through, one forgets so much that this is a paranormal world and instead is forcibly reminded it is, more importantly, a kinky one.    Maybe all this complaining is just the result of a mild allergic reaction.    Whips, latex, and black-walled bedrooms can sort of do that to you.

The best way for me to summarize is I was waiting at the bus stop to the Underworld and when the bus pulled up I assumed it wouldn’t be the bus to the Under the Covers world.    But it was!

Are there any others things to say beyond this perhaps childish response?    I am certain from what little I have seen that there is much more to be revealed about the demonic world.    For a humanity that willfully takes on possession, there is quite a lot that they have no idea about regarding demons and their politicking.    I enjoyed Morgan’s plight, how she was forced to depend on others, how she was very susceptible to nausea, and how she deals with her past.    I truly hope that since I plan on reading the next book these factors are stressed.    I fear, however, these traits will take a backseat so as to make room for fierce make-out sessions and cracks of the whip.

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