Question: Do You Blindly Read A New Series By A Favorite Author?

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It depends on the author, the genre and the size of my current TBR pile. I enjoy different series’ for different reasons; sometimes it’s the characters and the world that I adore while as others it’s the writer’s style. Heck, sometimes it’s even the audiobook narrator but that’s a topic for a different post. When it’s the writer’s way with words that I enjoy, I’ll often blindly follow them into their future endeavors because I trust that their style will carry-over, regardless of the genre. That being said, if the series doesn’t have at least a touch of paranormal in it then I probably won’t read it. No matter how much I love an author, I have no interest in reading contemporary romance. Period.

I usually go on genre reading kicks so if one of my current favorite Urban Fantasy authors decides to start a Paranormal Romance series; then I’ll typically follow to see if their love scene writing skills measure up to their action ones. And if the new series is a spin-off of an existing one, well then that’s also a no-brainer. Another factor is my TBR pile, it’s not often that there’s a lull in my review schedule but timing is everything and every so often the stars align and I’ll start something new on a whim.

I do research new series by favorite authors more thoroughly though, especially if I have somewhat of a personal relationship with them. I hate writing negative reviews of books by authors whom I adore; I feel extra pressured to like their stuff and would rather avoid certain unpleasant situations if I can. There’s no point in risking a friendship over something so easily avoidable. I’d prefer to continue enjoying one of their existing series than have my opinion changed by jumping blindly into something new.

Do You Blindly Read A New Series By A Fav Author?

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26 responses to “Question: Do You Blindly Read A New Series By A Favorite Author?

  1. I will always read up on a new series about an author that I’ve enjoyed in the past. In most cases, I will go ahead and give the series a try. In some cases, as in Omens with Kelley Armstrong, I will go into a series with little background on the new series. I trust Ms Armstrong enough that I will pretty much pick up anything with her name on it. I don’t think I’ve ever given anything of her’s under a three star rating.

    YA is something that I do tend to stay away from even if it is from an author that I enjoy. I’m just not a big fan of YA stories. I have read some YA that I’ve enjoyed immensely, as in stuff from Kelley Armstrong, but as a general rule I stay away from it even if it is an author that I like.

    • I’ve blindly followed a few of my fav authors into their YA series and it was a mistake… I haven’t yet tried Armstrong’s series though and I love her so I really should.

  2. I have with a few of my favorite authors.

    Jennifer Estep – tried her YA because I love her adult series
    Kresley Cole – tried her YA because I love her adult serie
    Molly Harper – tried her contemporary book because I love her PNR books
    Kelly Meding – tried MetaWars series because I love her Dreg City series
    Richelle Mead – tried her Succubus series by I loved her YA series

    I have a few other authors that I like and I may give some of their other books a go in the future.

    If I enjoy their writing I will give some of their other works a try.

    I’m getting this way with narrators. I have a hand full of them I love and I’m starting to research their other works to see if I want to try the books out.

  3. Yes I do. I’m in the habit of adding the author’s other books to my wishlist when I’ve finished with one. I don’t always immediately jump into a new series, but I do keep them on my radar.

  4. MM Jaye

    I usually try out the new series, but sometimes I’m disappointed as with Thea Harrison’s Game of Shadows that was so angsty and so totally different than her Elder Races series, that I didn’t go past the 2nd Chapter.

  5. Only for certain authors. For instance, K Cole…I will read anything she writes. 🙂 J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh and maybe a few others I completely trust. But I would have to read a few reviews before I delve in.

  6. ratmom  

    I have a few times. There are several authors that I blindly auto buy everything they write because over the years I’ve found I like all the books they’ve written. A couple of those authors would be..

    Laurel K Hamilton
    Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Shelley Munro
    Diana Palmer
    Jeanine Frost

  7. I tend to read a new series by one of my fave authors (i.e. Jeaniene Frost, Larissa Ione, Karen Marie Moning, J.R. Ward). I think it’s a comfort level, if I enjoy the author’s writing style I’m willing to give a new series by him/her a try vs. a new to me author.

  8. Unless the new book/series in a genre I have little interest in reading (contemporary cowboys or something along those lines) then I’ll give the first in the new series an automatic buy. Most of the authors I follow I love for their writing style and they carry that over to the new series so I’m happy 🙂

  9. I often do – but I had a bad experience one time and ended up having to DNF on a book by a fav author. It kind of crushed me. But if I love an author I really do want to read everything they’ve done – I feel like I owe it to them to at least try. I hadn’t thought about the potential to hurt a relationship though… I would hate that to happen because I didn’t like a book. Something to think about I guess. I think I would just chose to not review the book, since regardless of how I felt about it, I wouldn’t want to give it bad publicity. Great post!

    • I don’t great outside of the paranormal genre unless I’m in a reading slump and need to switch things up, then I’ll listen to some erotica to help wake me up. 😀

  10. Most of the time I do, I have found some I’ve really love, and some not so much. Now if it’s spin-off from a series I love then I alway buy them blindly, but that wasn’t the question right?..LOL

  11. Yep, I’d read blindly anything written by Teresa Mummert or Pepper Winters, of course it’ll depend of genre too.

    Actually, I’m dying for read Rellik (TM) and Last Shadow & Broken Chances (PW) only because I trust in both authors