Question: New Adult – Is It Really Different From YA?

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I’ve only read one New Adult novel this year so I’m far from being an expert but yes, I think there is a difference between the two. When you’re under 25, a 2-3 year gap can be a HUGE deal and comparing high school life to college is like comparing apples to oranges in my opinion. The main reason being that sex is a fairly common thing in the latter so if you’re like myself and prefer for there to be a little heat in your books then New Adult is probably the better choice. I don’t know about you, but I can only take so much hand holding and snuggling before I start screaming for more nudity. LOL

The characters also have a higher level of maturity; they have a bit more life experience, have dated a couple of guys/girls and some of them are already fending for themselves. I definitely plan on reading at least one or two more New Adult books before the end of this year (then again, it is October already so we’ll see…). I like that NA doesn’t revolve around the immature drama that seems to be the main theme in so many Young Adult novels because of their high school setting. Love triangles and crappy parental figures are also less prevalent which is another plus side of this genre. The characters aren’t quite as jaded as Urban Fantasy heroines either which makes their innocence refreshing without coming off as being over-the-top naive. Considering I gave my first and only New Adult read a 5-star rating; it’s a wonder that I haven’t given more of them a chance… *mental note*

What are your thoughts on NA vs. YA?

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11 responses to “Question: New Adult – Is It Really Different From YA?

  1. I’ve listened to a few NA titles this year, I have to say I really enjoyed some of them. Is my understanding that in these books the steam factor and sexual content is more adult, also it seems to come from a contemporary setting; on the other hand, the new Kresley Cole’s book should be classified as a NA due to the strong sexual content (I’m not but I wouldn’t want a 13 year old reading that book, as compare to, let’s say the Hunger Games which is classified as YA.

  2. I’ve only read one NA book this year, Take What You Want
    by Jeanette Grey. I didn’t read it because it was NA. I read it because I had read the author before and really enjoyed her writing.

    I would not actively look for books because they are NA. But if the summary draws me in or if I’ve read the author before I’ll give it a try.

  3. I agree that I like a little more heat in my books so I tend to enjoy NA. I like that some of the immaturity and “high school” drama is removed, however sometimes the unhealthy relationships in NA make me a little worried depending on who is reading them. While I never thought I’d be the person to sensor books, I think there is a age limit for reading some NA books.

  4. I’ve only read one or two NA books this year, but so far I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read. Like you, I can only take so much cuddling and kissing before I want more (usually a YA read is followed by something much stronger) and NA fills that gap.

  5. Tina B

    I definitely think there is a difference between NA and YA.
    I agree with you on the maturity level. I have read several and prefer them to YA for the emotional aspect.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I’d definitely be more inclined to choose a NA book over a YA one because of the mature content. I don’t particularly enjoy reminiscing about my high school days. LOL