Question: Do You Ever Picture A “Bob” You Know?

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I don’t have a problem differentiating my “real” men from my “fictional” ones but I haven’t undergone the ultimate test yet, reading a book with #1’s name in it. If any male is going to infringe on my fantasy land it would be him. I do however sometimes struggle when I read books back-to-back that feature characters with the same name. It can take me a couple of chapters before I switch gears and replace one face with another.

I have a similar problem with books that have been made into movies; if I watch the latter before actually reading the novel it messes with my head. I read Game of Thrones after having seen the first season and try as I may, Tyrion Lannister will forever be linked to Peter Dinklage and Jon Snow to Kit Harington. I have a feeling that the same thing will happen if I ever decide to give the Sookie Stackhouse series a whirl; my version of Eric Northman will never be able to measure up to Alexander Skarsgard.

When an author names one of her characters “Bob” (or whatever), do you picture a “Bob” you know?

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4 responses to “Question: Do You Ever Picture A “Bob” You Know?

  1. Totally agree about Game of Thrones, I feel the same way. I think Eric was perfect in the first episode, it was a perfect match to me, but I didn’t like him after they cut his hair (I was mad..LOL).
    I don’t care about the character’s names, I think the character makes the name, not the other way around. I had read books where the heroes had the same name as TH, and I didn’t have a problem.

  2. Krista

    It kinda weirds me out when the hero has the same name as my brother, and sadly his name is pretty common.

  3. That’s why I try to read the book before seeing the show or movie, I can usually keep how I see the character and how the actor portrays them separate.

    The time this didn’t work…Harry Potter. Even though I read book 1-3 before the first movie came out Harry, Ron and Hermione will always look like Daniel, Rupert and Emma to me.

    Names don’t bother me…other than the fact that I can’t keep them straight and may call a character by another name…but I do that in real life too LOL 🙂