Vengeance Borne Tour Stop: Guest Post and Giveaway with Amanda Bonilla

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Today I’m pleased to be able to welcome Amanda Bonilla back to the blog! I’m already a long-time fan of her Shaede Assassin series so when she approached me about doing a post for her new Sentry of Evil series I jumped at the chance!

Historical Figures in Fantasy

Thanks so much to Carmel and Rabid Reads for having me as a guest today! I’m pretty sure my Friday the 13th appearances are going to become a tradition. 😉

It’s already been done with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter among other books and movies portraying historical figures in a fantasy setting. At the urban fantasy panel at AAD, one of the audience members asked us which historical figures we could see as urban fantasy heroines. At first, I exchanged nervous glances with the other panelists as I racked my brain for an answer that wouldn’t make me look like an idiot. You know, like when Jay Leno goes out and asks people questions about history that they know nothing about. So, we put our heads together and brainstormed ideas as authors sometimes do. Here are a few of the historical females we came up with.

Joan of Arc

This one’s a no-brainer. People thought she was crazy, as is the case with a lot of UF heroines. She heard voices, had visions, fought for a grand cause that no one understood. And the girl was tough. She didn’t cower and stay home, she rode out into battle. She was burned at the stake for witchcraft. You don’t get more UF than that.

Marie Antoinette

Rebellious. Stubborn. Ahead of her time and contemporaries. And again, another historical female figure who didn’t cower behind her man. “Let them eat cake!” Okay, so if this was a UF, she might not be the most likeable heroine, but she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Plus, she was beheaded. Again, a totally violent, very UF way to go if you ask me.

Queen Elizabeth I

She was the daughter of Henry VIII which makes her pretty bad-ass from the get-go. In a time where the country was in turmoil and her unmarried state was putting all sorts of pressure on her, Elizabeth basically told her advisors and detractors to go to hell. Time and again she asserted her ability to rule her kingdom and did so with an iron fist, guiding England into a time of peace and prosperity. Of course I did read an article that suggested Elizabeth was in fact a man in drag impersonating Henry’s daughter who’d died several years prior, but I think that’s a load of crap. But if you told me she was a Fae masquerading as human, I’d totally buy that! I think one of Elizabeth’s greatest accomplishments was not getting herself killed like some of the strong women who came before her. It says a lot that no one was strong enough to take her down.

Annie Oakley

A girl with a gun, totally UF! Sharp-shooting entertainer by day…could she have been a bad-ass demon hunter by night? She could punch more than a couple of holes in a card with her .22 before it even hit the ground. Pretty impressive stuff. Annie just happened to be orphaned at age nine, which totally fits the history of a UF heroine. Abandoned and alone, with nothing more than her wits and skills… And who knows, maybe Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show was just a cover for their real business: hunting down supernatural creatures and keeping the world safe from evil. I think I just got a great book idea! LOL

What historical figures do you think could kick ass in a fantasy setting?

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9 responses to “Vengeance Borne Tour Stop: Guest Post and Giveaway with Amanda Bonilla

  1. Karen

    Hmmm this is hard. trying to filter out the real people from the fictional figures. I would have to say Leonidas 🙂

  2. Denise Z

    I just had a giggling thought – how about Betsy Ross, bad-a## betty! Nothing gets by her 😉