Question: How Do You Deal With “Book Disappointment”? Pt #2 – Books You Picked Out All By Yourself

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This used to happen to me fairly regularly back-in-the-day before I started blogging and discovered tools like GoodReads. Back when I made my decision based solely on the cover, back blurb and the editorial reviews on the first page. My trips to the bookstore used to be pretty random, I’d browse for hours enjoying the shopping experience, hoping to discover that hidden gem amidst the stacks. Picking a bad egg used to really piss me off because for 1) I didn’t have money to waste on a crappy novel and 2) I didn’t read nearly as many books are I do now.

However, after three years of blogging my shopping habits have changed dramatically. I have a reading wishlist so I normally vet books months in advance and, GoodReads is now the first and last place I go before making my final decision about whether to add another one to the pile. Looking back, I can’t believe how chaotic my book buying used to be. Now I RARELY read blurbs and although I can admire a pretty cover, it’s never a factor in my decision. Blogging has spared me from suffering (much) from the dreaded “book disappointment”.

How to you deal with book disappointment?

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5 responses to “Question: How Do You Deal With “Book Disappointment”? Pt #2 – Books You Picked Out All By Yourself

  1. I didn’t get into reading until a couple of years ago. I hated reading growing up and when I started college I didn’t read for fun because I had to read all those texts books.

    So all of my fun reading (before blogging) came from recommendations from a co-worker (Twilight) and my friend. Then I joined Shelfari and I got into a few groups and found series like the Night Huntress series by Frost, BDB by Ward and a few others. Then I started blogging and made friend through that route and started a Goodreads account. So now I get book recommendations from other readers that read the same genres I do.

    So I’ve never really had a bad book buying experience BUT I have a mountain of books both physical and ebooks that I’ve not read yet and I’m sure there will be a stinker or two in there somewhere.

  2. I used to read crime novels all the time! And if they were cases from real life it was even better, Anne Rule was on my auto buy list…LOL. My first paranormal experience was Anne Rice, I devoured 2 of her series, and then I had a period when never read…Until Twilling, and just like Jennifer I couldn’t get enough, so I also went on line and joined every site that had books, so I really never picked up many books on my own, and now when I do pick something I always download the sample before I buy.
    Now for audiobooks I bought a lot of them on the blind, the weren’t many reviews when first started to listen, so I bet I have a list of a least 15 brutal listens on my library, I might have to share those one day, when that happened I just got a different book, or bought the kindle copy If thought it were the narration that made the book stinky.

  3. I know what you mean, I have made mistakes in the past with books too. As you say they can be costly! I am now more likely to use the library and if I spot something I want the charity shop. I have a large TBR so a book buying ban is on for me, particularity after my forage at a book fair last week!

  4. I never DNF books before I started blogging. That’s the biggest thing that changed for me aside from being more flexible in my book choices and the genre. On that rare chance that I do buy (I’m cheap & usually borrow from the library LOL) a book, I now base it on the blurb, star rating & number of reviews.

    Sorry for rambling, to answer your question I either DNF it, return it or brush it off and call it a disappointing experience. :S

  5. I used to have similar shopping experiences and it was so frustrating! I can’t imagine ever buying a book without checking with my blogger friends or goodreads first.