Josh Reviews: Under Suspicion by Hannah Jayne

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Josh Reviews: Under Suspicion by Hannah Jayne
Under Suspicion by Hannah Jayne
Series: Underworld Detection Agency #3
Published by Kensington
Published on: May 1st, 2012
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Pages: 333
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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She's the new head of the Underworld Detection Agency's strangest division. What a nightmare. . .Being a human immune to magic helped Sophie Lawson get promoted. It's also made her a major, very reluctant player in a game that stretches beyond even the Underworld. Having handsome buttoned-down Englishman Will as her new guardian is one tempting blessing, especially since sexy fallen angel Alex is mysteriously MIA lately. But as a frightening number of demons start disappearing around the city, Sophie suspects that an Armageddon-level prophecy is about to become everyone's nightmare.

Under Suspicion details a rather inauspicious week or two in the life of Sophie Marceau…ah, correction…Sophie Lawson, flubbing Underworld crime fighter.   Note: Underworld refers to a law firm of sorts, which, true, is well underground, about twenty floors, but specializes usually in the distribution of alimony between dragon mates, the licensing of wizards to practice magic, insurance for vampires (so long as they don’t bite any humans that do not sign a written agreement agreeing to be bitten), and various Wendigo zoning permits.   Additional Note: Underworld is not the leather clad gladiatorial fights between werewolves and vampires you see at the movies.

This, book three, comes on strong after its overdramatic precursor.   And it’s an odd kind of strong because what went down was in many ways more light.   Sophie’s vampiric roommate, Nina, decides she has a novel in her, specifically a vampiric romance.   This running joke, like any, could have went further, but as is it is humorous each time it is invoked.   Sophie’s Guardian, Will, takes on a lot of screen time and manages to steal my vote for which supernatural man Sophie should end up with.   Note: not so difficult since his only real competition is a lukewarm detective; Steve, the troll, unfortunately finally proves himself to be a milquetoast.

That ending will leave you hanging!   After a plot that -ALL LOVE- went nowhere, one would have expected a tad more resolution like since so much of the plot centers around bookstores, we could have had a final booksigning, but perhaps this severe cliffhanger points favorably to the continuation of the previously mentioned subplots in the next book.   I would sure like to see Vlad, Nina’s vampiric relative, a hundreds year old vampire in the body of a sixteen year old, be fawned over more by Kale, the witchy apprentice.   In short, whereas the previous book made me question my investment in the series (signs of wear and tear were showing as the plot attempted to gear up to apocalpytic stakes, about 50 MPH), here the pace is held at a solid 5 MPH so Sophie can sufficiently gorge herself on pinwheels and pineapple buns.

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