Vampires Romp & Stomp in the Streets of NYC by Sara Humphreys

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Vampires Romp & Stomp in the Streets of NYC

Someone asked me about my vampire series and how to describe it. Think of it as Sex in the City meets True Blood.

Olivia Hollingsworth is a three hundred year old celibate vampire who simply wants to run her nightclub, and her coven of city girls, in peace. She adores living in NYC almost as much as she enjoys running her nightclub, The Coven. An addiction to sexy shoes, and keeping up with her progeny, has kept her focused and she barely noticed her lack of sex. She’d given her heart to her one true love but when he was killed on the night Olivia was turned—she vowed to never love another.

The one thing that kept her from being totally sex-starved, were the sexy dreams she had of her long-dead love. The only problem with that?

Vampires don’t dream.

Olivia didn’t tell anyone about her sexy, colorful dreams and figured if anything, it was her lost love visiting her from beyond the grave. However, when one of her nightclub patrons ends up dead, the cop who shows up to investigate looks just like her dead lover.

Doug Paxton is a NYC homicide detective who lives for his job. The only thing he hates more than the men who hurt women, are men who hurt kids. He’s married to his work and while he takes comfort from time to time in the arms of a woman, he’s never been in love….not with a real woman anyway. A red-headed siren has haunted his dreams since he can remember and no flesh and blood woman could ever live up to her.

Until now….


Here’s an excerpt from Tall, Dark, and Vampire. Both Olivia and Doug are investigating the death of a nightclub patron and as much as she wants to avoid him, she realizes she simply can’t. She quickly discovers that Doug is more than just a familiar face.

[quote]As she slipped her shoes back on, the growing noises of the city streets washed over her, and moments later, a distinctly familiar sound snaked into her mind, surrounding her.

Something strong, steady, and enticing.

It was him.

Doug’s heartbeat thundered through her mind, drowning out the rest of the sounds, and captured her full attention. She heard heartbeats of the humans in the surrounding area and had grown so accustomed that over the years it had become white noise.

Not Doug’s. His rose above the din, clamoring to be heard.

Why was his heartbeat so clear and enthralling? It called to her like a siren song, willing her closer and taunting her. Confused and aroused, she struggled to keep her fangs at bay. In all her three hundred years, she’d never shown such a lack of self-control or intense reaction to anyone, and she hadn’t even tasted him yet.

Was this connection a lingering effect of the dreams she had? Was Doug her bloodmate? Or was it an echo from their human life together? They only made love once, that one fateful night, but in the dreamscape it happened over and over.

Memories of them entangled were burned into her mind, her heart, and her body. Images of them in the dreamscape—Doug falling to his knees, burying his face in her breasts, and teasing her to the edge of oblivion with his nimble fingers. Through it all, neither of them ever spoke, and as the dream faded, one word wafted through her mind on a whisper.


Olivia groaned as the sun rose, along with her driving need to taste him. She had to get out of here. Now. Olivia glanced down the alley and spotted the manhole, which was her key to freedom, and promised relief from the taunting, enticing sound of his heart.

She didn’t care if anyone saw her.

Already feeling the weakening effects of the approaching daylight, Olivia ran down the alley as Doug’s heartbeat called to her like a beacon. Her head was fogged with desire and desperation, which was probably why she didn’t see him as he stepped off the sidewalk and directly into her path.

Olivia swore loudly as she knocked him backward toward the street. In a blur, she snatched him in mid- air and flew with him back into the alley to safety. She pressed his tall, hard body against the wall of the building, using the shadows and a dumpster for cover. The blow knocked him out, but his heart still beat strong and steady beneath warm flesh.

Olivia glanced at the sky and noted it was getting lighter by the second. The sun was rising, and time was running short. She took his face in her hands and brushed her thumb over the stubble on his cheek. The feel of his sun-kissed flesh beneath her fingers had her aching with—what?

Desire? Love? Loss? Regret?

Her gaze skimmed over his masculine features as she threaded her fingers through his short blond hair. That was the only real difference between her memory of him and the man in front of her. His hair had been long and silky smooth, and she recalled the way it tangled tempt- ingly between her fingers.

Olivia leaned closer and reveled in the way his body melded so perfectly with hers. Her breasts crushed against the hard planes of his chest, and the pounding of his heart reverberated through her, invoking memories of what it felt like to have a heartbeat.

She tilted his head to the right and breathed in his clean, masculine scent. Olivia pressed her cool lips along the smooth, warm skin of his throat that fluttered as his blood pumped through his veins. Her fangs vibrated, begging to be freed, but she clung to her last ounce of self-control.

He smelled like the ocean. Clean, fresh, and wild. She bet a year’s worth of blood that he tasted that way too. Just like she remembered.

Doug groaned as he wrapped his large hands easily around her waist. Olivia tensed as he pulled her close and held her against him. She glanced up to find his blue eyes peering down at her fiercely beneath furrowed brows.

“What happened?” he rasped. His fingers dug into her hip as he wavered, letting his weight lean into the wall. “What are you doing here?”

She should glamour him. She should do it and get in the damn tunnels.

But she didn’t.[/quote]

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Author Bio

Sara has been a lover of both the paranormal and romance novels for years. Her sci-fi/fantasy/romance obsession began years ago with the TV Series STAR TREK and an enormous crush on Captain Kirk. That sci-fi obsession soon evolved into the love of all types of fantasy/paranormal; vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and of course shape shifters.

Sara is married to her college sweetheart, Will. They live in Bronxville, New York with their 4 boys and 2 insanely loud dogs. Life is busy but never dull. | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
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Tall Dark and Vampires by Sara Humphreys

She always knew Fate was cruel…

The last person Olivia expected to turn up at her club was her one true love. It would normally be great to see him, except he’s been dead for centuries. Olivia really thought she had moved on with her immortal life, but as soon as she sees Doug Paxton, she knows she’d rather die than lose him again. And that’s a real problem…

But this is beyond the pale…

Doug is a no-nonsense cop by day, but his nights are tormented by dreams of a gorgeous redhead who’s so much a part of him, she seems to be in his blood. When he meets Olivia face-to-face, long-buried memories begin to surface. She might be the answer to his prayers…or she might be the dead of him.

The Amoveo Legend Series

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    I agree with Jennifer! Lol I love both of those shows, to read about a world that has both elements, the word AWESOME comes to mind. Lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Like Jennifer you had me hooked at Sex and the City meets Trueblood. The book sounds fun, added to TBR. Love the cover too.

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