The Final Romp – A Word From Your Team Captain

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Stomp vs Romp hosted by Rabid Reads and The Book Nympho

It seems only fair that after asking authors and bloggers to defend Team Romp during this epic battle that I throw my hat into the ring at this final hour. As you all know, I love action more than romance so having to switch sides this year threw a wrench in my strategy (thanks for that Jennifer!) but after reading everyone’s lovely pro-Romp posts I noticed that you all missed something… Something so obvious that I just had to blog about it!

Romp’s Good For My Sex Life

I don’t know about all of my guest post’ers but personally? I get turned on by a good Romp scene. Stomp scenes are a great escape, they allow readers to fantasize about things like punching their bosses in the face and elbowing their neighbours in the balls. Not practical I know, but still very satisfying nonetheless. That being said, there’s no real life use for action scenes. If you walked around starting fights all day long you a) wouldn’t get very far and b) will probably end up in jail, the hospital or worse.

Romp scenes are a different matter entirely. Granted, your guy probably doesn’t have six pack abs, arms the size of barrels or a luscious head of hair but throw a pair of fangs on him, in the right lighting, after consuming copious amounts of alcohol and you have yourself… your very own vampire! Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme but you get the idea. If you want to, you can role play a Romp scene with your man; I highly doubt that he’d let you knee him in the knads though! In my experience whenever sex is involved guys can be talked into doing almost anything even pretending to be that sparkly white dude from those movies if that’s your thing. If it means you’ll put out, then he’s on board.

Dear Dracula......

Romance in fiction isn’t only good for your sexual imagination, it’s also good for your appetite. It’s 10 o’clock at night, the kids are in bed and you’re exhausted but for some inexplicable reason your man is still horny. Now you’re forced to choose between sex and your book. But, WAIT. Instead of either, or, how about a compromise? You get to read for 15 minutes while he catches up on the day’s sports highlights. Listen to a chapter from a hot erotica audiobook. When your time is up you’ll only be thinking of one thing and I guaranteed you this, it won’t be reading a book!

It’s also important to be aware of when and where you’re reading Romp scenes. For instance, if it’s Saturday afternoon and you’re both doing your thing; he’s playing a video game while you devour a Paranormal Romance novel. Why not take advantage of the situation? You’re already all hot and bothered and he’s going to say yes no matter what. So instead of waiting ’til 10 o’clock at night when you need that 15 minutes of audiobook foreplay, close your book and cease the moment! You’re already primed and ready, you might as well go all the way and trust me, your man will thank you!

So even though I love me some STOMP, ROMP plays a more important role in my day-to-day life as it probably does in yours too which is why I hope you’ll see things my way and vote ROMP!

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Stomp vs Romp hosted by Rabid Reads and The Book Nympho

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12 responses to “The Final Romp – A Word From Your Team Captain

  1. Romp does get the “juices” flowing but for me the romp scenes can be depressing too. LOL All the men can go for hours and hours and have huge….members. It’s hard (no pun intended) to find that out in the real world. LOL

    But truth be told I like both Stomp and Romp and I think a book is even better when it has a good balance of both.

    Another great year for Stomp vs Romp. Here’s to another one.

    • When it came time to write my post, the topic was staring me straight in the face. I love it when the words just come together like that. Thanks for participating Natalie!

  2. Great post Carmel, and now you had me vote Romp too. As long as it is about romance, and not sex just for sex or (magical) power. Still, I prefer my heroine to be kick ass while being romanced.