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Rompin’ Life Lessons

Although action scenes are fun and help to move along the story, it is the smexy scenes of that offer the most to readers. Why? Because of their practicality! These scenes contain a multitude of life lessons appropriate for any occasion to help the modern reader succeed in life.

There’s the enhanced vocabulary that comes standard with every scene. What better way is there to impress your colleagues at work than using words like turgid, debauched or tumescent in every day conversation? Take Elizabeth from Kresley Cole’s Lothaire. She learned how to impress one of the most feared creatures of the lore with her “superlative” use of diction and…tongues. (p. 187) 😛

Then there are the scenes that help you gain a whole new exercise regimen to improve your body. Blayne, the heroine from Beast Behaving Badly, worked on toning her arms when “…she threw one of her new and industrial-size, thirty-two-ounce bottles of conditioner at him…Hit him right in the face.” (p. 253) She not only worked on her arms but her legs and back as well! Talk about chaising tail. 😀

What about when you are meeting a new person or need a conversation starter? Try breaking an awkward situation with a hilarious comment! Pia, from Dragon Bound, prefers one liners like “So, is that your long, scaly, reptilian tail, or are you just happy to see me?” (p. 60) or “Well, this is socially inexplicable” (p. 62) to get the party started.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of how versatile these scenes can be. They’re not only sexy, they smart too! There are plenty of other educational scenes out there, from how to deal with stressful situations to learning how to get the better of your partner! Just remember to look under the covers for that is where the best things in life are found! 🙂


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