Favorite STOMP-Romps in Romance by DaVincieKittie (GraveTells)

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Favorite STOMP-Romps in Romance

As much as we love a good stomp (because watching sexy heroes and kickass heroines faceoff is pretty darn exciting), nothing gets the blood flowing like a good ROMP! I mean, really, there’s only so long you can fight before you need a breather… but getting it on? When you do it right, you can do it allll. Night. Long (and, admit it, ladies, you know it’s one of your favorite things about those smexy heroes)! The absolute best, though, is the best of both worlds… when a stomp IS a romp, or leads to a nice steamy one! Energy is high, hearts are pumping, blood is flowing, and the characters are ALL over each other. Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff!

Here are some of our favorite ROMP-stomps in romance…

No ghoulin’ around, these vamps got mad skills!
Cat & Bones steamed up the pages in This Side of the Grave, book #5 in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series, when they blew off some temper and whaled on each other for a few good rounds of vampire vs. vampire. With all that sexy and skill on such magnificent display, is it any surprise their stomp segued right into a saucy romp? This scene is an all-time fave of the GraveTells team and we love seeing these two lovebirds strut their stuff! Bones’ NOLA townhouse will never be the same again… *grin*

Valkyrie vs. Berserker
In Moriah Densley’s The Valkyrie’s Guardian, berserker soldier Jack McGunn can tip into a rage at the slightest provocation, and valkyrie Cassiopeia Noyon loves to taunt him with sexy come-ons. When Cassie takes it too far, she and Jack can’t make up their minds whether they’d rather romp or stomp… so they just do both, and girl is it sexy!

Crime and punishment
Sometimes seeing a couple reunited after a rough breakup is brutal, emotionally and physically, and that’s exactly what happens in Shatter, the upcoming 4th book in Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising series. We got a sneak peek at one of the scenes and holy mama does it have some serious tension! Who says you can’t go from valiantly resisting temptation to passionately giving in to angrily punishing each other (in an oh-so-sexy way)? Wait til you meet Mitch and Halina – they’ll knock your socks off, and it’s the underlying sensual connection between them that brings such passion out in the conflict!
Note: Shattered will be available in January

Master Yoda had it wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy anger, especially when it leads to a knock-down, drag-out sexy-as-hell ROMP! A stomp is easy – that’s just choreographed mechanics – but a good ROMP… a romp brings out the naughty in everyone and we love to see our heroes lose it! Show props to YOUR favorite swoon-worthy heroes and VOTE ROMP today!!


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